Tamela’s Story
Tamela’s Story
Written By Alyssa Sonnenburg   |   06.26.24
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Women are often told that abortion is their only option if they wish to pursue a career or get an education.

“You will never have a career if keep your baby.” “You will never finish college if you choose to have your child.”

Tamela’s story proves those voices wrong.

After enduring an extremely difficult pregnancy, Tamela’s son was admitted into the NICU with a variety of medical needs. On top of this, Tamela found herself navigating a divorce soon after the birth.

Yet, Tamela refused to allow these struggles and setbacks to determine her destiny, going on to earn a degree and become the executive director of Lighthouse Pregnancy and Health Services in the Hillsboro and Vandalia areas of Illinois.

Now, Tamela uses her story to inspire other women who find themselves in unplanned or difficult pregnancies.

“It’s not just about choosing life, but it’s about choosing abundant life as a family.”

Learn more about Tamela by clicking here or by watching below.


Alyssa Sonnenburg
Alyssa Sonnenburg is a dedicated Christian, wife, and is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute. She is a co-host of the Self-Evident podcast and serves as an Executive Assistant at IFI. Growing up on the southside of Chicago, she and her husband now live in the northwest suburbs....
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