I Don’t Want to Write About Barack Anymore…
I Don’t Want to Write About Barack Anymore…
Written By   |   07.18.14
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I am sick to death of writing about Barack the Destroyer. Ever since that cold November day in 2008, when a chill settled into the heart of every American patriot, we have been fighting. Fighting with written word. Fighting with deeds. Fighting with shaky camera footage. Fighting with Town Halls. Fighting with viral media. Fighting any way within our means.

We have made allies in unexpected ways. We have held our noses to vote for politicians which wouldn’t have earned our trip to the voting booth in normal election years. We have lost friends, made enemies, and gained allies. And yet, our fight seems to have hardened the resolve of the Destroyer and whetted the appetite of the Orcs in his cabal.

I would much rather write about the return of liberty to the people and to the states, reversing the flow of progressive statism which had been steadily gaining power since the 1930’s. With the power of governance returning to the states, the fruits of federalism encourage Americans to build their communities to their liking and add to the unified diversity which used to be America’s greatest strength. If a school district decides to reflect the wishes of the community and teach intelligent design theory alongside other origin-of-life theories in their science curriculum, it is at the behest of the community rather than the dictates of an administrator on the other side of the country. Anyone who disagrees with the timbre and direction of this community is free to join a community more to their liking or start their own. I would love to write about how the increased federalism empowered the local legislatures and made political leaders more accountable by placing the responsible parties in our state capitols instead of insulated in plush cloak rooms in Washington, D.C. But I cannot write about such things.

Or I’d prefer to write about our burgeoning economy, which has benefitted from the elimination of onerous regulation. An economy which is no longer forcibly steered by the ideological dictates of ivory tower eggheads, but fueled by market forces and guided by logic and reason. This economy would substantially decrease the price of consumer goods by allowing market pressures to work as are meant to do. As in all free markets, bad products and businesses are punished while good ones are rewarded with success. Removing the cronies from capitalism promotes a greater amount of competition, which in turn drives down prices while increasing quality, as the competitors strive to attract the dollars of picky purchasers. Yet I cannot write of this economy.

You would likely prefer to hear about a strong American foreign policy, which owes its strength to a state-of-the-art arsenal, aimed squarely at our enemies, coupled with a steadfast commitment to our allies which is honored in good times and bad. A foreign policy which is based on old-school diplomatic statecraft instead of duplicitous wiretapping of our friends and enemies alike. I wish I could speak about our robust and healthy military, which is being used for the purpose it was designed: the protection of this nation and the elimination of anyone who would challenge that protection. Of course this military, both active and retired, would be at the front of the line in the doctor’s office, receiving the best healthcare this country has to offer.

These are the things which I wish with all my heart I could discuss. I don’t want to waste my time or yours, penning another column about a political hack from Chicago. But as John Adams once said, “I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.” Despite the repugnant nature of this President and his administration, there is no topic more relevant and there is no more important fight to win. You may tire of reading about the machinations of this depraved and rapacious administration; I know that I do. But we must continue to advance, step after step. We must become as implacable as the Federal Leviathan we seek to slay. The difference between us and it being that we seek to throw off the bonds of servitude so that our children might experience a renaissance of federalism, economic security, and a strong foreign policy buttressed by a healthy and robust military which is second to none.

For that reason alone, I will continue to speak against this lawless President and his administrative goons until they take my keyboard away or he runs from the field of battle like the craven bully we all know him to be. The fight against tyranny in this land requires constant vigilance, tireless voices, and dauntless outrage at the presence of those who would seek to steal what God alone has given: our liberty, our conscience, and our lives. As we carry the fight to the Fundamental Transformers in our land, let us pick each other up as fatigue sets in. May we never lose sight of the future for which we fight.

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