Chicagoan, Mariyah Green, Stood Up for Religious Freedom in Schools and Won A Major Victory!
By Kathy Athearn   |   11.16.23
Mariyah Green, a 2020 graduate of Bogan High School (a part of Chicago Public Schools), was awarded $150,000 by the Clerk of Court from the Northern District of Illinois on October 23 because when she was a student, she was forced to participate in Hindu meditation which violated her Christian faith.
Jihad vs. Imago Dei: The Need to Teach Natural Law and a Biblical Worldview
By Kathy Athearn   |   10.25.23
As Dean of the Regent University School of Government, Michele Bachmann emphasized on the October 19 episode of Family Research Council’s “Washington Watch” that in addition to teaching accurate history (including the Holocaust and September 11, 2001), American schools and parents must teach Judeo-Christian values summed up in the Ten Commandments.
Oppose Federal Marijuana Legalization
By Kathy Athearn   |   10.11.23
A growing body of evidence proves that marijuana deeply harms individuals and society. Yet 37 states, including Illinois, have legalized it, and more states are working towards decriminalizing its use. Not surprisingly, heavily-funded Big Tobacco, Big Alcohol, and Big Pharma lobbyists in Washington, D.C. continue to work towards legalizing marijuana at the national level. We need your help to fight this national effort!
How Do We Advance Conservative Values in a Blue State?
By Kathy Athearn   |   10.01.23
When you’re a Christian with a biblical worldview and you live in one of the 17 “blue” states  like Illinois, the task of defeating anti-family, Marxist efforts can seem daunting. However, pro-family lobbyists are defeating Leftists’ efforts! The work that...
Kathy Athearn
Kathy Athearn

Kathy Athearn is a correspondence writer at Family Research Council. She is passionate about applying a biblical worldview to the public sphere. She and her husband live in West Michigan with their three children.

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