Troubling Times
Troubling Times
Written By Rev. Thorin Anderson   |   02.29.12
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It is a telling commentary on our culture that we no longer comprehend that man has a penchant for bad behavior, what the Bible calls “sin.”  Discussing “sin” is like discussing the flat earth theory.  It simply isn’t.  However, we humans have the ability, under the right circumstances, to do or tolerate absolutely anything.  And I mean ANYTHING!  Consider, for example, our “tolerance” for slavery, cannibalism, human sacrifice, abortion, pornography and a laundry list of other evils mankind has practiced over the centuries.  We are now too enlightened for such, right?  Hmm.

It is reported that there are more people bound by slavery today than at any time in human history!  Do those who demand more tolerance from conservatives wish to see a return to cannibalism and human sacrifices, too? “Tolerance,” then, has very real limits.   But, some of the behaviors they are demanding we tolerate were at one time just as repugnant to most Americans as cannibalism and human sacrifice still are.  Make no mistake about it, it is not that long ago that one could find cannibalism in certain locales!

America’s cultural and political leaders a century ago understood mankind’s nature and erected barriers and boundaries in an attempt to keep the nation from devolving into an licentious morass.  Today, unbelievably, the boundaries they created are merely considered proof that those men were bigots — end of story.  However, while some of those social barriers may have been rooted in prejudice, most often they were reasonable, and were fairly effective in discouraging people from practicing bad behavior.

Today, all the wisdom evidenced by the “taboos” of the past is being scrapped in the name of “tolerance.”  It is as if those who lead the cultural charge today have no idea of the consequence of certain behaviors, or don’t care that people — often children — will be hurt badly by them.  Reading the papers and other cultural voices one would never know that there are multiplied millions of young women who suffer deep depression due to having had an abortion, for example.  If I did not do the research on my own, I would never know that post abortion stress is probably the leading cause of depression and suicide among young women!  If I read only the Chicago Tribune, I would never know about the bizarre and lewd behavior practiced by the participants in the annual Chicago “Gay Parade.”  And, if they are willing to do such things publically, I cannot even imagine the abuse they heap upon one another in private.  The fact that they are o.k. with others doing such horrific things to their bodies does not alter the fact that it is still objectively abusive! Does no one in the media care that such behavior is dangerous and even deadly, and that responsible leaders would NEVER encourage such degrading conduct, especially to the children who witness it?

The most egregious evil today is not to actually do evil, but to be “intolerant” of behaviors historically considered repugnant.  The worst label one can receive today is “Intolerant.”  But, what is it that the Left would have us tolerate?  It would be reasonable for them to be critical of conservatives if we were intolerant of beauty, generosity, or kindness.  But, no, they are angry because we are intolerant of people treating one another like animals.  Of people having tens or hundreds of sexual partners, of men who quite literally use one another as urinals, and a myriad other unspeakable horrors.

Shockingly, “license” to do whatever one wants is considered human-kind’s greatest good and trumps even one’s right even to be informed that many actions have very negative consequences. It is now considered irresponsible to warn the unaware and innocent that certain behaviors are often deadly.  It is an incontrovertible fact that involvement in random sex, drugs, homosexual conduct, alcohol abuse, pornography and other such things is dangerous or even deadly, and to ignore or gloss over these negative consequences is the height of irresponsibility.  Think “mal-practice” here.  And, to accuse those of us who point out the dangers inherent in these aberrant behaviors of harboring ill-will or even hatred is just plain wrong, malicious, or worse.  Be advised.  The Bible’s warning that “the wages of sin is death” still holds true.

We require pages upon pages of warnings for prescription drugs to insure that users are aware of possible side effects and dangers.  Toys come with warnings, cigarette packages have quite startling messages regarding the effects of smoking, etc., etc., etc.  But those of us who warn that homosexual behavior, which has from the beginning of time been considered aberrant and dangerous, is in fact demonstrably harmful, are held up as the most despicable of all people on the earth, with the complicity of the so-called “impartial” media!

These are very strange times we live in.  Strange and increasingly dangerous.

Rev. Thorin Anderson
Rev. Thorin Anderson is a member of the Advisory Council to Illinois Family Institute and the former pastor of Parkwood Baptist Church on the south side of Chicago. Pastor Anderson...
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