Laurie Higgins Discusses Christianity and the LGBT Agenda With John Mauck
Laurie Higgins Discusses Christianity and the LGBT Agenda With John Mauck
Written By John Biver   |   12.23.16

Recently, IFI’s Laurie Higgins was a guest on the Lawyers for Jesus Radio show hosted by attorney John Mauck, of the law firm Mauck & Baker, LLC.

In this program, Higgins discusses the Illinois Family Institute’s mission which is to promote human flourishing — even for those who suffer from unwanted same-sex attraction. Currently in Illinois, it is illegal for a minor to receive reparative therapy, yet legal for a minor to get a double mastectomy.

It is the duty of churches, Higgins explains, to equip Christians to understand and refute both poor theological arguments and specious secular arguments that seek to normalize and promote homosexual activity. Churches need to help believers learn how to respond and be prepared to speak truth in love despite possible persecution. It is not love to affirm behavior, Higgins explains, that is harmful physically, mentally, and spiritually

Click here to listen to the interview.

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John Biver
John Biver is a Christian, an American citizen from Illinois, and works in the arena of applied political science. He is a writer, activist, and analyst with over twenty-five years of experience in the political arena. John has worked in politics and government in Washington, D.C., and in Illinois at the state and local level. His personal website is
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