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Transgender Fury
By Eric Metaxas   |   07.07.18
You’ve heard the old saying that starts, “Hell hath no fury”? It pretty well describes today’s transgender activists. If you want to see how far down the slope civic discourse has slid in the land of free speech and “tolerance,”...
A Return to Virtue in the Wake of Scandal?
By Eric Metaxas   |   12.09.17
The consequences of the secular worldview on sexuality are now coming to light as sexual harassment scandals explode into public view. As Christians, we can use this moment to encourage those in our spheres of influence to “rethink sex” in terms of human flourishing—and to point them to the One who gave us this gift in the first place.
Let’s Talk About “The Talk”
By Eric Metaxas   |   10.16.17
There’s a battle raging right now over sex education, and our kids are in the line of fire.“Your teacher told you what?” These are the first words of too many parents when they discover what their teens and pre-teens are learning in health class.
Abortion is What Planned Parenthood Does
By Eric Metaxas   |   06.20.17
What does Planned Parenthood do? Everyone seems to know the answer except Planned Parenthood.
Religion and Inequality
By Eric Metaxas   |   04.28.17
Religion is good for you: emotionally, physically, and economically. Who knew? Not the secularists.
Liberal Censorship
By Eric Metaxas   |   06.04.16
When liberal journalists come out and confess their bias, it’s tempting to say, “The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.” But don’t. This is good news. Writing at the New York Times recently, columnist Nicholas Kristof...
Women and the Draft
By Eric Metaxas   |   02.18.16
If there really are no differences between men and women, then sure, subject women to the military draft. However, the Christian worldview doesn't overlook or ignore the differences between men and women, but celebrates those differences. Equality doesn't mean common sense should be silenced in favor of political correctness.
Engaging the Culture: What Does That Mean?
By Eric Metaxas   |   02.06.16
Back in the old days — so I’m told — Christians used to compete with one another to see who could reject culture the most. Sometimes this was good and necessary. For example, whatever you think of the Temperance Movement...
Are Liberals Finally Ready to Tame the Political Correctness Monster?
By Eric Metaxas   |   12.02.15
Political correctness, which has gone after Christians for years, has finally turned on its progressive creators.
Margaret Sanger, Busted
By Eric Metaxas   |   09.18.15
In late August a group of about two dozen African-American pastors staged a protest outside of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. The National Portrait Gallery isn’t the kind of D.C. landmark you normally associate with protests, but then...
How Does Gay ‘Marriage’ Hurt Us? Here’s How.
By Eric Metaxas   |   06.18.15
Christians are often asked by gay activists why they oppose same-sex “marriage.” “How does our marriage hurt you?” they ask. Well, I can think of one significant way it will hurt us: It will destroy religious freedom and free speech...
The New Totalitarians: Change Your Religious Beliefs or Else
By Eric Metaxas   |   06.08.15
In the first century, Jesus was asked whether the Jewish people, who were under pagan, Roman occupation, should pay taxes to Caesar. The Lord, of course, said we are to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what...
The New Totalitarians
By Eric Metaxas   |   05.14.15
In the first century, Jesus was asked whether the Jewish people, who were under pagan, Roman occupation, should pay taxes to Caesar. The Lord, of course, said we are to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what...
The Shifting Definition of Religious Freedom
By Eric Metaxas   |   04.16.15
It’s almost become a part of the weekly news cycle: American citizens publicly tarred and feathered for professing their sincerely held religious beliefs. Just this month, we watched a family-owned pizzeria close its doors after its owners received hate mail...
Speak Freely – So Long as you Agree with Me?
By Eric Metaxas   |   02.25.15
Is it too much to ask people to listen politely to those with whom they disagree? I hope not.
Eric Metaxas
Author, Speaker and Apologist
Eric Metaxas

Eric Metaxas is the author of the New York Times #1 Bestseller,Bonhoeffer:  Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy.  Named  “Book of the Year” by the ECPA, Bonhoeffer also won the 2011 John C. Pollock Award for Biography awarded by Beeson Divinity School and a 2011 Christopher Award in the Non-fiction category.  Called a “biography of uncommon power,” Bonhoeffer appeared on numerous 2010 “Best of the Year” lists and was featured in theWall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, The New Republic, Harper’s, Kirkus (starred review), NPR, FoxNews, C-SPAN’s Book TV, Christianity TodayThe Weekly Standard, and First Things.Bonhoeffer has sold more than 600,000 copies and has been translated into 15 languages.*

Metaxas is the scheduled keynote speaker at the IFI annual Faith, Family and Freedom Fall Banquet.

He was also the keynote speaker at the 2012 National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC, an event attended by the President and First Lady, the Vice President, members of Congress, and other U.S. and  world leaders. 

Along with his colleague John Stonestreet, Metaxas is the voice of BreakPoint, a radio commentary that is broadcast on 1,400 radio outlets with an audience of eight million.

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