We’ve got Jack’s Back
By   |   09.29.17
Jack Phillips’ case going before the U.S. Supreme Court later this fall is a case that has the potential to alter the course of American history. If Jack loses in court, our ability to live out our faith will be...
When Government Controls the Health Care System, This is Inevitable
By   |   07.06.17
This picture (above) is hard for me to look at. I’ve got a one-year-old girl – and I cannot imagine what I would do if she had a life threatening illness, and the government told me I couldn’t do everything...
Why is it so hard to understand?
By   |   05.24.17
Remember learning about the Pavlovian experiment where every time he rung a bell, he gave a dog a treat, resulting in the dog connecting the sound of bell with food? (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just watch...
Lord Willing, This is the First of Many
By   |   05.19.17
Let’s flash back 10 years ago… This was a time when a majority of states had constitutional marriage amendments defining marriage s the union of one man and one woman – a time when support for this definition was bipartisan:...
You Know It When You See It
By   |   04.07.17
It’s dangerous to paint with a broad brush. I think we do that too often when we, as conservatives, go after the press for media bias. Many times when I see conservative leaders decry media bias, I ask “was that...
The One Thing We Can All Agree On is That We Can’t Agree
By   |   02.09.17
The day after the election, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw two posts back-to-back from friends. One was convinced the world was coming to an end now that Donald Trump was elected president; the other was convinced...
Four Things That Would (Actually) Happen if We Defund Planned Parenthood
By   |   01.12.17
Planned Parenthood – America’s largest abortion provider – is in an outright panic over the prospect of being stripped of federal funds. Annually, the abortion giant gets more $500,000,000 from taxpayers. This is why they are predicting the end of the world if lawmakers in DC cut them off the federal dole.
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