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Nothing But the Truth

A sign along the highway in Wisconsin states, “Lies are destroying America.” It is ironically true. Truth matters, and so do lies. How did we get to the point where virtually everything we hear must be analyzed to determine whether it is true or not? How did so many Americans come to accept lying as normal? And worse, how have so many bought into “Wokism,” which is all out war against Truth!
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Fetus vs. Baby

The Associated Press Stylebook, a preeminent reference guide for English grammar and journalistic principles and style—used by both educators and journalists—has chosen some eyebrow-raising guidelines for how reporters ought to address the topic of abortion in their reports. These guidelines show us, on a much more subtle level, how fiddling with words is fiddling with minds. Let's look at one specific example in detail: the difference between "unborn baby" and "fetus."
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Words Matter

Why is the Left bound and determined to force us to use their vocabulary? Aren't we all talking about the same things, whether we say "transgenderism" or "gender dysphoria," "homosexual union" or "homosexual marriage," "happy holidays" or "merry Christmas?" Let's take a brief overview of the biblical theology of language, shall we? I think we’ll uncover the very important answer.
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The Mind of Godless Man is Both Silly and Dangerous

How could a dude from 1926 have nailed the state of 2018 American culture so accurately in just one simple quote?
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The Way Back to Religious Liberty

In early January, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) overturned a longstanding policy that forbade churches from getting federal disaster relief money. The rule change by the Trump Administration affected any houses of worship that were damaged on or after August 23, just before...
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Atheist Ignorance on Holiday Billboards

~Correction/Update: Although Neuqua Valley High School still lists Hemant Mehta on its Math Department faculty webpage, he no longer works there. Linked screenshot below* was taken today, Dec. 19, 2014.~

A new Chicago-area billboard campaign from the aggressively offensive Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) exposes again this organization’s hostility to and childish misunderstanding of Christian faith.

The FFRF has announced that eleven billboards are going up with these special holiday messages:

  • “Kindness comes from altruism, not from seeking divine reward.”
  • “We are here to challenge you to think for yourself.”
  • “I believe in reason and logic!”
  • “Equality for all shouldn’t
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Limbaugh’s ‘Jesus on Trial:’ The Verdict is In

Attorney, author and columnist David Limbaugh is a man after my own heart. He’s also a man after my own mind. That is to say, as both a fellow member of the bar and follower of Christ, I tremendously appreciate how David approaches the hot button issues of the day. He carefully probes them within the framework of an objective, lawyerly and evidential analysis. He is a master communicator and never fails, in any case, to deliver deeply persuasive closing arguments in the court of public opinion.

With his latest book, “Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of

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Postmodernism’s Assault on Truth

If this assessment was true in Gilbert Keith’s day, how much more so today? What we consider Christian virtues have been pulled apart to the point of complete isolation. These virtues are meant to be grouped together as different facets of a complete individual, but as the deconstruction of our culture has progressed, they have been amputated and mutated as Chesterton describes.
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Inspiring Speech from Glenbrook North High School Teacher

I can think of no more fitting way to conclude the school year than with excerpts from the retirement speech delivered by retiring Glenbrook North High School social studies teacher, James McPherrin, who is retiring after 33 years of teaching.

The words he expressed put to shame countless commencement speeches by celebrities who have little to offer students other than pedestrian cliches. It would behoove administrators, faculty, and students to hear Mr. McPherrin’s speech at the start and end of every school year.

Mr. McPherrin offers wisdom and erudition through eloquent prose that points those who have ears to …

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