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Fetus vs. Baby

The Associated Press Stylebook, a preeminent reference guide for English grammar and journalistic principles and style—used by both educators and journalists—has chosen some eyebrow-raising guidelines for how reporters ought to address the topic of abortion in their reports. These guidelines show us, on a much more subtle level, how fiddling with words is fiddling with minds. Let's look at one specific example in detail: the difference between "unborn baby" and "fetus."
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Getting Real About Reproduction

This may be more than you want to know, but you were a zygote once, a single celled human being that over time developed into who you are today.  This is simply an indisputable fact.  From every perspective the process is nothing less than miraculous, and with all the potential for problems along the way it is amazing that any of us made it through the nine months in utero to birth!  But here we are, a testimony to the brilliance of our Creator, and His faithfulness.
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