Executive Order Makes Biden Regime Lone Wolf in Tyrannical Vaccine Mandates
Executive Order Makes Biden Regime Lone Wolf in Tyrannical Vaccine Mandates
Written By James M. Odom   |   09.14.21

The United States was legally founded upon the principle of limited government, under which at the time of the founding, the federal government mandating specific medical treatment to individual citizens would never have been tolerated.

Yet, on September 9th, Joe Biden issued an executive order [1] that “[e]ach agency shall implement, a program” to “require COVID-19 vaccination for all of its Federal employees.”

Current COVID vaccinations have been rushed to market (the first “full” FDA approval of a COVID vaccine was just weeks ago [2]), with apparently substantial shortcuts such as the overlooking of thousands of adverse events including death [3].

While for political purposes, Biden puffs the universality of his vaccine mandate, his staff has recognized [4], and technically complied with legal limits on his power to do so.

In order to make the order sound as broad as possible, the words “each agency” were used, but understanding that the Executive Branch has no authority over the Legislative or Judicial branches (or businesses and individuals not employed by the Executive Branch), they hide the limitation in a definition:

“Sec. 3.  Definitions.  For the purposes of this order:

     (a)  The term “agency” means an Executive agency as defined in 5 U.S.C. 105”

In typical contract legalese, Biden’s legal staff has also quietly made a disclaimer that such programs be only, “to the extent consistent with applicable law,” which would include the requirement to accommodate a sincerely held religious belief (see “Resources To Fight Tyrannical Vaccine Mandates”).

Interestingly, Biden is the lone wolf in the federal government, as neither the United States Congress, nor the federal Judiciary has yet seen fit to follow suit. Perhaps they understand that the recovery rate for this pandemic is well over 98 percent, and would prefer to avoid the risks of taking the vaccine themselves.

Take ACTION: Click HERE to send a message to the offices of the President, U.S. Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth and your U.S. Representative to demand that elected officials recognize that American citizens have Constitutionally protected liberties that the Executive Branch cannot usurp.

Moreover, you may want to ask them to stop mandating unproven medical treatments and allow citizens to consult with their own private physicians to decide what course of preventative treatment is best.

IFI supports an individual’s civil right to choose,
as an American, to vaccinate or not.

More ACTION: Please pray for the governing authorities, that they shall follow our law and the law of the Creator upon which it was founded, in all of their actions.

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[1] https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/2021/09/09/executive-order-on-requiring-coronavirus-disease-2019-vaccination-for-federal-employees/

[2] https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-approves-first-covid-19-vaccine

[3] By contrast, in 1982 Eli Lilly recalled the popular and effective drug, Oraflex, a drug for the pain and inflammation of arthritis based upon 61 deaths in Britain and 11 deaths in the U.S.  As of September 9, 3,867 (of 9,470, or 40%) adverse event reports had been filed with the FDA for deaths of those receiving the single approved vaccination (Pfizer).   https://wonder.cdc.gov/vaers.html 

[4] Unlike the Pritzker administration whose unlawful attempts through “executive orders” to extend his power over private individuals have recently become well-known, and well-challenged by Illinoisans.

James M. Odom
James Odom is a Senior Policy Analyst for the Illinois Family Institute and Illinois Family Action. God used His Church and Godly legal mentors and pastors to forcefully direct James passion and vocation toward in depth study and understanding of the relationship between civil government and God’s Church from the very beginning of law school in 1992.  James graduated from Indiana University School of Law with a J.D. In 1995, and has been admitted to practice law in several jurisdictions over the following 25 years, including 5 years in the legal department at Focus on the Family. He and his...
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