You Can File Witness Slips for Pro-Life Bills!
You Can File Witness Slips for Pro-Life Bills!
Written By Kathy Valente   |   03.08.21

Illinois state lawmakers who serve on the Human Services Committee should know that you support these 5 Pro-Life Bills and oppose the radical birth certificate bill!

When a bill is scheduled for a committee hearing, citizens can file witness slips in support or opposition. Scroll down for instructions.

The following bills are scheduled to be heard in the Human Services Committee on March 9th. Please file witness slips for all of them. It only takes a few minutes for each slip and your name will be included among those who supported/opposed the bills.

They are all great Pro-Life bills, except for one. Please make note that HB 9 is a bill that we ask you to oppose.

Ultrasound Opportunity Act HB 683 is sponsored by Paul Jacobs (R-Carbondale). It requires that a woman seeking an abortion be offered the opportunity to view a live ultrasound of her unborn baby before going through with the abortion.
ACTION: Click HERE to file a witness slip in support of HB 683.

Born Alive Infant Protection Act HB 338 is sponsored by Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield). It declares that a child born alive as the result of an abortion be fully recognized as a human person and accorded immediate protection under the law.
ACTION: Click HERE to file a witness slip in support of HB 338.

Repeal of Taxpayer Funding of AbortionHB 783 is sponsored by Patrick Windhorst (R-Harrisburg).
ACTION: Click HERE to file a witness slip in support of HB 783.

Amends the Reproductive Health ActHB 791 is sponsored by Patrick Windhorst (R-Harrisburg). It bans abortion after 20 weeks except in the case of a medical emergency.
ACTION: Click HERE to file a witness slip in support of HB 791.

Partial Birth Abortion BanHB 827 is sponsored by Adam Niemerg (R-Teutopolis).
ACTION: Click HERE to file a witness slip in support of HB 827.

In addition to these 5 great pro-life bills listed above, please also consider speaking out in opposition to this proposal to legalize fraud:

OPPOSE THIS BILL: HB 9, sponsored by Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz (D-Glenview), allows a person to change gender on their birth certificate.
ACTION: Click HERE to file a witness slip in opposition to HB 9.

Witness Slip Instructions:

Section I. Enter your name, address, city and zip code. You can leave Firm/Business and Title blank. If it won’t allow you to leave them black, enter NA.

Section II. Leave it blank if you are not representing a group, etc.

Section III. Check that you are a Proponent (except for HB 9).

Section IV. Unless you are filing a written statement, select Record of Appearance Only.

Lastly, agree to the terms of agreement by checking the box.

Click Create (Slip).

Thank you for taking time to let these legislative committees hear from pro-life/pro-family conservatives in Illinois!

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Kathy Valente
Kathy joined the IFI team as our Director of Operations in 2008. Previously, Kathy was the state director for Concerned Women for America for 4 years. But even before that, Kathy and Dave worked together as volunteer activists battling pornography and obscenity in the public square. Kathy has consistently taken a stand for traditional Judeo-Christian values and has worked tirelessly to foster a wholesome environment for family living, advocating for high community standards. Kathy recognizes that sexual immorality, pornography, obscenity, promiscuity, state sanctioned abortion and gambling threaten the moral fabric of our society. The well being of our communities, the...
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