Abortionist Works on Bicep Strength to Extract Those Darn Baby Heads
Abortionist Works on Bicep Strength to Extract Those Darn Baby Heads
Written By Laurie Higgins   |   03.30.17

The Center for Medical Progress has released a disturbing new video in which David Daleiden interviews abortionist/obstetrician Dr. DeShawn Taylor who used to kill humans in the womb for Planned Parenthood but started her own abattoir in Arizona in 2013. Taylor is also a member of NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona and the National Abortion Federation Society of Family Planning.

The occasion of Daleiden’s conversation with fetus-killer Taylor was the swanky George Tiller Memorial Networking Reception co-sponsored by Planned Parenthood and the Society of Family Planning. The emcee for the evening’s festivities was none other than wine-swilling, salad-munching abortionist Deborah Nucatola.

Yep, the infamous late-term abortionist George Tiller is honored by abortionists everywhere.

Starting at 20 weeks gestation, Dr. Taylor uses digoxin to stop babies’ hearts:

So the thing is…it’s really an issue because in Arizona, if the fetus comes out with any signs of life, we’re supposed to transport it to the hospital.

Taylor injects the hearts of humans in the womb with digoxin to ensure she kills it. She definitely does not want to have to transport a living “fetus” to a hospital. Since Taylor is a stickler for technical language, she is likely familiar with Planned Parenthood’s definition of “fetus”:

The organism that develops from the embryo at the end of about eight weeks of pregnancy…and receives nourishment through the placenta.

A human that has exited a woman’s body is no longer being nourished through a placenta and, therefore, is no longer a “fetus” even by Planned Parenthood’s definition. It’s finally a baby.

When asked whether there is “any standard procedure for verifying signs of life,” Taylor offered this odd response:

The key is you need to pay attention to who’s in the room….because the law states that you’re not supposed to do any maneuvers after the fact [i.e., after delivery] to cause [fetal] demise. So, it’s really tricky….So most of the time we do [digoxin], and it usually works.

Well, she didn’t answer the question but she did make clear that the tricky business of ensuring death in the womb is solved by the use of digoxin. Here’s how digoxin works:

To help ensure the baby will be delivered dead and not alive, the abortionist uses a large needle to inject digoxin or potassium chloride through the woman’s abdomen or vagina, targeting the baby’s heart, torso, or head. When the digoxin takes effect, the lethal dose causes a fatal cardiac arrest, and the baby’s life will end. (Even if the needle misses the baby, digoxin can still kill the baby when released into the amniotic sack, but will usually take longer to kill the child.)

Taylor kills fetuses up to 24 weeks gestation. At 24 weeks gestation, these tiny humans are about 11 ½ inches long and weigh about 1 ½ lbs. They have ears, eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, fingers with unique fingerprints, toes, female or male genitalia, brains, and functioning organs including pumping hearts.

After explaining that most of the abortions she performs are elective abortions, Taylor shares this grotesque and euphemistically clinical description of her “technique” for killing small humans:

My technique is a disarticulation technique.

For those who wonder what the heck a “disarticulation technique” is, it’s the dismemberment of the tiny human. Feticidal physician Taylor goes on to explain why she uses the dismemberment technique:

It’s not a matter of how I feel about it coming out intact…but I got to worry about my staff, and people’s feelings about it coming out looking like a baby.

It’s so weird that fetuses could come out looking like babies. I mean, “progressives” keep telling everyone that the humans growing inside women are definitely not babies. I guess if their little heads are crushed—I mean, if their calvaria are “compressed,” they probably do look less like babies and less like fetuses. They probably look more like the bloody messes we see in movies about sociopathic killers.

Taylor says the conservatism of Arizona mitigates against her delivering an intact human:

Arizona is so conservative, I just don’t even want to send a full fetus to, for cremation or any of that.

Some may be beginning to think that nothing bothers the seared conscience and sensibilities of Taylor, but they would be wrong.  She complains about her “people who do the paper work for the fetal death certificates” for the humans whose heartbeats Taylor stops:

They email us calling them “babies.” “Baby” this. “Baby” that. “Baby” so-and-so. And I’m like, that’s creepy.

In the dystopian world of morally-untethered womb-killing, injecting the developing bodies of defenseless humans with digoxin to stop their hearts and “disarticulating” their bodies so as to assuage the feelings of her staff are not creepy, but referring to these tiny humans as “babies” is creepy.

Taylor’s chosen profession as a baby killer feticide specialist involves manifold inconveniences for her. Not only does Taylor have to worry about the feelings of her staff when confronted with a fetus that looks surprisingly like a baby and deal with “creepy” descriptions of tiny humans as “babies,” but she also has to exercise to perform her job:

I have to tell you anecdotally, my biceps appreciate it when the [digoxin] works. It does not take me any longer to complete the procedure [when the digoxin doesn’t work], but it takes more force….I remember when I was…training, I was like, oh, I have to hit the gym for this.

Taylor explains that even when babies are in breech positions (i.e., feet first), which is the easiest position for abortionists, those darn baby heads—or calvaria as abortionists prefer to call them—still pose a delivery problem:

Breech makes it a lot easier…but there’s still going to have to be some decompression of the calvarium for it to come out.

“Progressives” affirm a non-existent moral “right” to crush babies’ skulls, inject babies’ hearts with digoxin, and dismember babies’ bodies, and they call it “choice.” To add insult to the injury and sanitized evil done to millions and millions of babies, we subsidize this barbarism.

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Laurie Higgins
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