When Common Sense Requires a Scientific Study
When Common Sense Requires a Scientific Study
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It is a rather sad commentary on the death of common sense when it takes research to prove that men and women are actually different and that both mothers and father’s matter in the lives of children.

Two more studies, one of which, a massive, peer-reviewed survey, confirm that both moms and dads matter. Intentionally denying a child of either has risks and consequences. Both studies appear in Social Science Research. The first one, conducted by a University of Texas sociology professor, is significant for its “gold standard” of research methodology.   This large scientific study of 2,998 adults found that those who were raised by homosexual parents (intentionally denied an opposite gender parent), were at significantly higher risks and rates of harm. Those harms include: higher levels of poverty, sexual abuse, gender confusion, homosexual behaviors, sexually transmitted diseases and mental health problems.

The report concludes, “children appear most apt to succeed well as adults when they spend their entire childhood with their married mother and father, and especially when the parents remain married to the present day.

The other study takes aim at efforts by the American Psychological Association to put a good face on homosexual parenting through a more rigorous analysis of the studies the APA uses to claim that children raised by homosexual parents do as well or better than those from married heterosexual parents.

Homosexuals are free to live as they choose, but when they intentionally deny a child an opposite gender parent due to their own self-interests or sexual choices, some skepticism is appropriate. We shouldn’t be surprised to learn that children raised in those settings suffer. Whatever else two men living together may be, they are not a mom. It is rather amazing that we need research to prove moms and dads are both important, but we live in an age when all truth is relative and such confusion is the result.

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