Samaritan Ministries: A Biblical Healthcare Option
Samaritan Ministries: A Biblical Healthcare Option
Written By Alyssa Sonnenburg   |   07.09.24
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Everyone knows that health insurance is difficult to navigate.

Between limitations on doctor networks and deductibles, families often struggle to find the plan that is best for their family, especially for those whose jobs do not provide healthcare coverage.

This leaves many families with anxiety over what plan to use and whether their unexpected medical bills will be covered.

Allow me to introduce a possible solution for your family: Samaritan Ministries. Samaritan Ministries has a simple purpose and singular goal:

We deliver authentic, compassionate, and personal service in the name of Christ to enable and inspire members to provide for one another’s medical needs through prayer, encouragement, and financial support.

Samaritan Ministries is not your conventional health insurance package. In fact, it’s not health insurance at all!

While this may cause some people to write it off entirely, it has immense benefits.

Because Samaritan Ministries is not health insurance, you are not encumbered by doctor networks. You can see any doctor, be admitted to any hospital, and use any pharmacy that best fits you and your family’s convenience.

Samaritan Ministries gets its model for managing healthcare costs straight from Scripture, and this is seen in its stated purpose and mission.

Their purpose is:

To glorify God by growing and equipping disciples of Jesus Christ to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love and care for their neighbor as themselves. (Matt. 28: 18-20; Mark 12:28-31; Matt. 22:36-40)

Their mission is:

To redeem health care by helping the Body of Christ love one another through sharing each other’s health care burdens while experiencing authentic Biblical community. (Gal. 6:2, Phil. 2:3-4; Romans 12:10, 12, 13, 15; Jn. 13:34-35)

Samaritan Ministries seeks to live out the principles of loving one’s neighbor and bearing one another’s burdens in real, tangible ways, which includes the sharing of medical bills.

The great news is that Samaritan Ministries is not a one-size-fits-all system.

They offer different packages to choose from that include maternity, catastrophic events, prescriptions, and pre-existing conditions.

Whatever medical situation you find yourself in, you can rest assured that Samaritan Ministries has a program for you.

Learn more about Samaritan Ministries today!

Alyssa Sonnenburg
Alyssa Sonnenburg is a dedicated Christian, wife, and is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute. She is a co-host of the Self-Evident podcast and serves as an Executive Assistant at IFI. Growing up on the southside of Chicago, she and her husband now live in the northwest suburbs....
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