Is Christianity  Under Attack in America?
Is Christianity Under Attack in America?
Written By Brian Wencel   |   04.26.22
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“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,
who put darkness for light and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”
~Isaiah 5:20

Informed people know that Christians are persecuted around the world, but too few acknowledge the growing persecution of Christians in Canada and the United States. This is not to suggest that the persecution faced by Christians in North America is equivalent to the severe persecution Christians face in countries like China, Afghanistan, and North Korea. Christians in North America, especially American Christians, are blessed to be living in country where we are yet able to exercise our religion relatively freely. However, there are red flags in America and other formerly Christian-friendly countries. While the United States was founded by those with a biblical worldview, recent events have shown that those in power wish to change that.

Some on the left and right dismiss the idea that Christians are persecuted in America as laughable, asserting that Christians are a privileged and protected class. While this may have been true throughout much of our history, it is not the case anymore.

Recently, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki commented on lawmakers in Alabama who have been valiantly working to protect kids from barbaric transgender surgeries and hormone therapies. In a press briefing, Psaki said, “Alabama’s lawmakers and other legislators who are contemplating these … discriminatory bills have been put on notice by the Department of Justice.”

This threat from a purportedly unbiased DOJ should be alarming.  Not only is Biden’s DOJ supporting the mutilation of young children’s bodies, but it is also actively attempting to make it a crime to protect children from these irreversible acts.  If anything, it should be a crime to chemically castrate children or mutilate their bodies.

The Canadian government has been enacting legislation that supports sexual deviance and oppresses Christians. Bill C-4 bans any form of conversion therapy throughout all of Canada. This law may sound good to some people because, when people hear the phrase “conversion therapy,” they think of aversion therapy, or non-existent lock-down camps where kids are allegedly sent to be converted. That’s not the purpose of Bill C-4, though.

Bill C-4 bans all counseling efforts that would help someone understand the cause/s of their same-sex attraction or help them align their sexual identity with their religious faith. Both Bill C-4 and Jen Psaki aim to quash any opposition to the LGBTQ agenda–an agenda antithetical to Christianity.

In addition, our government schools are Exhibit A in how the government opposes Christian values. Many public schools teach children that the “LGBTQ”  movement is noble, while Christians see it as sinful. For that, Christians are deemed hateful bigots. The government is clearly taking a stance on this sensitive topic, and that stance is firmly anti-Christian.

The United States is not as oppressive as Canada, but there are disturbing trends on the American horizon. Christians should become politically involved to preserve the blessings of the First Amendment and be good stewards of our right to govern ourselves.

Brian Wencel
Brian Wencel is a current student at Colorado Christian University who has been raised in the faith and Christian education ever since preschool. He is a devoted follower of Jesus and an advocate for Conservatism....
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