Dr. Rob Rienow: The Sufficiency of Scripture
By Brian Wencel   |   05.21.22
Many people question if the Bible is truly sufficient for all things, especially in our modern world that repeatedly throws new innovations, ideas, and beliefs at us. While many people have set the Bible to the side, claiming it’s “irrelevant”...
Dr. Everett Piper on Truth: The Only Rebellion Left
By Brian Wencel   |   05.14.22
Many Americans have concluded that truth is nothing more than subjective opinion, shaped by “lived experience.” In his IFI presentation,  Dr. Everett Piper dismantles society’s beliefs about truth through a biblical lens and makes clear the consequences these beliefs will...
Dr. Everett Piper: The Religion of Wokeism
By Brian Wencel   |   05.07.22
Should politics and religion completely separate from each other? Are Leftism and Christianity diametrically opposed? Is Leftism even compatible with Christianity? Listen to Dr. Everett Piper, former president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, as he tackles these questions and more in his worldview presentation titled: “The Religion of Wokeism.”
Is Christianity  Under Attack in America?
By Brian Wencel   |   04.26.22
To some extent, we are all familiar with the persecution of Christians around the world. The first places that come to mind are countries in the Middle East, maybe even the oppression inn China in recent years. But barely anyone would suggest that it is going on in places like Canada or the United States, right? I want to preface this with saying that I am not underplaying Christian suffering in places where the persecution is harsh and severe, nor am I saying that we have it worse in America. In fact, we are beyond blessed to be living in America where we are able to freely practice our religion and faith.
The Blatant Anti-Christian Sentiment of the Public Schools
By Brian Wencel   |   03.04.22
We have all seen and heard many shocking stories relating to public schools, such as the Zoom video where a teacher gets offended by a 10-year-old student for saying that he admires Donald Trump, or the insane Critical Race Theory or LGBTQIA indoctrination that students are constantly fed. This following story, however, is on a whole new level of demented, even for public schools.
Yet Again, Power Brokers Try to Suppress the Truth
By Brian Wencel   |   02.24.22
It’s no secret that most of the major social media companies want to suppress speech, specifically that of conservatives, but they are becoming more emboldened and blatant in their intentions. Not only do they censor truth, but they also shamefully promote their radical, sinful agenda. In a recent interview, Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, talked about how difficult it has been to moderate the platform, specifically referring to COVID-19 “misinformation.”
Are Young People Too Apathetic About the Life Issue?
By Brian Wencel   |   01.18.22
Over Christmas break, I was hanging out with some friends and as we were playing some games in their basement, the topic of abortion was brought up. I stated my belief that all abortions are wrong. I did not think much of saying this as I assumed that they would at least somewhat agree with me. But shockingly, I was wrong. The two friends that were with me have been my friends since a very young age, and I know that they grew up in staunchly conservative families, yet they still were surprisingly of the pro-choice mindset. The disturbing thing is that they agreed abortion was murder and that it takes the life of an innocent child.
High School Senior Says: “A Whole Generation of Kids Are Being Brainwashed”
By Brian Wencel   |   07.01.21
Many parents these days find themselves asking a simple, yet important, question: What’s the point in sending my child to a Christian school when public school is far cheaper? I have often asked my parents this very question, since I have gone to a Christian school my whole life. However, as I have grown older and observed the world around me, I now see why they wanted me to attend a Christian school for all these years.
Brian Wencel
Brian Wencel

Brian Wencel is an 18 year-old high school senior and aspiring political influencer who has been raised in the faith and Christian education since preschool. He is a staunch supporter of Christianity, the MAGA movement, and Conservative ideology. He enjoys challenging the mainstream liberal narrative with those who haven’t yet reached the truth.

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