Dr. Leithart: How is The Church Unfaithful?
Dr. Leithart: How is The Church Unfaithful?
Written By David E. Smith   |   03.19.22
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In this second segment from IFI’s interview with theologian Dr. Peter Leithart, Pastor Derek Buikema asks Dr. Leithart to share the ways Dr. Leithart sees unfaithfulness in the church today. Dr. Leithart specifically mentions unfaithfulness as manifest in the church’s willingness to “accommodate” homosexuality, transgender issues, and abortion. He views accommodation to those issues as symptoms of unfaithfulness rather than root causes.

Dr. Leithart then addresses the root causes of the “lethargy” of the church to confront cultural issues. Addressing these root causes within the church will enable Christians to combat what theologian, professor, and pastor, Carl Trueman refers to as the “ascendancy of the self.”

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