Chicago Christian Activist Says “Get ’em Out!”
Chicago Christian Activist Says “Get ’em Out!”
Written By David E. Smith   |   07.13.20

A recent broadcast on Chicago’s Morning Answer (AM 560 The Answer) featured Latasha Fields, well-known to IFI and IFA supporters as an ardent proponent of home education and parental rights. At the outset, Ms. Fields responds to Bryant Gumbel’s statement about the “Black Tax” and she calls out the hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ms. Fields also addresses the absolute importance of strong nuclear families, the possibility of a Blacks-only political party, liberal policies that encourage government dependency (modern enslavement), and the need for parents and churches to reclaim their rights and responsibility to properly educate their children.

Latasha Fields is Co-Founder and Overseer of Our Report Ministries & Publications, Director of Christian Home Educators Support System (C.H.E.S.S.), and State Coordinator of Illinois for Parental Rights.

David  E. Smith
Dave Smith is the executive director of Illinois Family Institute (501c3) and Illinois Family Action (501c4). David has 20-plus-years of experience in public policy and grass-roots activism that includes countless interviews for numerous radio, television, cable programs and newspaper articles on topics such as the sanctity of life, natural marriage, broadcast decency, sex education, marijuana, gambling, abortion, homosexuality, tax policy, drug decriminalization and pornography. He and his wife of 26 years are blessed to be the parents of eight children. He also serves as a Republican Precinct Committeeman in his community and as an ordained minister and elder in his...
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