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Legislators Surveyed on Vouchers and Charter Schools
By Micah Clark   |   09.23.16
In what researchers believe is a first of a kind survey in more than 15 years, the group EdChoice has surveyed 344 state legislators across the nation to gauge their knowledge and views on educational policy. Some of the findings...
Politicians Bowing to Tech Companies May Be Pointed in the Wrong Direction
By Micah Clark   |   09.22.16
Over the past few years Hoosiers have witnessed a rather obvious groveling of political leaders at state and local levels who bend over backwards to please high tech companies in meeting their political demands.  One only need to remember the...
A Stronger Remnant?  Faith is Far from Dead in America
By Micah Clark   |   09.03.16
Last week there was another proclamation of the death of Christianity in America with a new Pew Research Center study on religious practices in America.   The talking points from the study noted the rise of atheism as many commentators said...
America’s Cultural Health May Be Worse Than Its Economic Health
By Micah Clark   |   06.04.16
It is undeniably true to say that never before in U.S. history has homosexuality been more acceptable, celebrated and promoted than it is today.   Although almost never mentioned, this change is having a negative impact upon many American’s physical health. ...
Americans know that Religious Freedom is Under Fire
By Micah Clark   |   04.08.16
According to a new national survey, a growing number of Americans believe that religious liberty is now in decline in the U.S.  They are observing that Christians face a growing intolerance according to LifeWay Research. Here is what they found...
Pediatricians Call It What It Is – Child Abuse
By Micah Clark   |   03.18.16
The American College of Pediatricians has released an in-depth report stating that the move to indoctrinate children with the idea that they can pick their gender amounts to child abuse.  They are urging legislators and educators to reject all policies...
Top Box Office Movie Is Well Worth Considering
By Micah Clark   |   03.01.16
I saw the #4 movie in the nation over the weekend.  (Last week it was #3 at the box office.)   The fact that a Christian movie like this shot straight up to the top should be an encouragement in the...
Americans Not Comfortable With Easy Abortions
By Micah Clark   |   02.26.16
It may not be surprising if you didn’t hear about a poll earlier this year from the Marist Institute for Public Opinion.  Had the results been the opposite of what they were, it likely would have been headline news across...
An ‘Epic Fail’ for 25% of America’s Churches
By Micah Clark   |   02.19.16
The American Bible Society’s fifth annual State of the Bible survey of 2,000 Americans has some interesting findings.  Not everything in the extensive poll is discouraging. In fact many findings are very encouraging and perhaps courter-cultural compared to the Hollywood...
Boys Really Suffer from Family Breakdown
By Micah Clark   |   01.08.16
A new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Northwestern University and the University of Florida analyzed 10 years of data of children born between 1992 and 2002.    The study looked at...
A Surprising Trend Among Churches
By Micah Clark   |   12.30.15
There is an interesting article on six church trends in America that you may want to check out.   The last trend may be of particular interest to our readers.  It points out, according to new research, that many churches are...
SCOTUS has Finally Settled this Issue
By Micah Clark   |   10.17.15
You may have heard some in the media say that the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage has finally settled the divisive issue of marriage. The courts have now determined that both genders are no longer necessary in...
Polling Supports Our Concerns. Are the Politicians Listening?
By Micah Clark   |   10.08.15
Yet another national poll is out finding that Americans are increasingly concerned about what is happening to religious freedom. This concern is seen in all demographic groups and ages. The Barna Group did their polling even before Kentucky clerk, Kim...
Study Finds a Profane Difference on Social Media
By Micah Clark   |   09.28.15
There is a new study from Queen Mary University in London, England, which looked at the words used on Twitter.  Keep in mind that Twitter is an Internet medium that only allows posts of up to 140 characters in length...
Social Issues More Important to Voters
By Micah Clark   |   09.24.15
This will shock the political establishment as much as it probably shocked CNN. The cable news outlet has a new poll that finds that the importance of social issues to voters has jumped in recent years.  (The political leadership of...


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Micah Clark
Executive Director
Micah Clark

In 1989 Micah Clark graduated from Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Micah interned as a member of the Indiana House of Representatives’ Republican staff and later became an Assistant Campaign Manager for a State Senator.

Micah then served as a legislative assistant for Citizens Concerned for the Constitution. He served as the Indiana Family Institute’s Director of Public Policy, and later as its Executive Director, throughout the 1990’s. Micah is the only person to have served with all three of Indiana’s top statewide pro-family organizations.

In November 2001, Micah became the Executive Director of the American Family Association of Indiana. His experience has helped AFA expand into an organization with a consistent state house presence while maintaining its role as Indiana’s leading decency organization. Since joining AFA of Indiana Micah has conducted nearly 400 media interviews as its executive director.

Governor Frank O’Bannon appointed Micah to serve on his Education Roundtable. Micah was re-appointed for a second term by Governor Joe Kernan. In October 2007, Citizens for Community Values of Indiana named Micah its “Citizen of the Year” for his work for family values in the political arena as both the head of AFA of Indiana and the President of the AFA of Indiana Political Action Committee. In September 2008 Micah was given the Respect Life Award from Right to Life of Indianapolis for his leadership on life issues in Indiana.

Micah’s wife is a marriage and family therapist at a Christian counseling center. They have two children.

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