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Latest CPS Outrage Violates Rights of Students, Staff, and Faculty
By Laurie Higgins   |   05.04.16
The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) just issued guidelines that allow gender-dysphoric students and teachers to use restrooms and locker rooms...
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Eroding religious liberties, aborted baby parts for sale, "hate" crimes and censorship, same-sex "marriage," gender-confused bathrooms and locker rooms, lesbian couple crowned homecoming king and queen, growing secularism… What’s next?
Keeping the Abortion Issue Alive in Springfield
By Monte Larrick   |   05.04.16
It’s one of those issues that many lawmakers and perhaps even Governor Bruce Rauner don’t want you to think about....
The Hidden Dualism of Transgenderism
A few days ago Australian papers ran a Washington Post story about Bill/Kate Rohr under the heading: “It's not about the gender. It's about the soul: Transgender at 70”. Despite a happy marriage to a childhood sweetheart, two adopted children and prestige as an orthopod, Bill finally found a never-before-experienced sense of fulfilment when at seventy years of age he opted for reassignment surgery.
Jesus the ‘Intolerant Bigot’
By Matt Barber   |   05.03.16
“The Gospel of Christ doesn’t care about ‘tolerance.’ It cares about truth.” These words caused me to look up from...
Fantasy Sports Gambling Will Become Legal if Illinois Lawmakers Have Their Way
By Kathy Valente   |   05.02.16
Attorneys General in 11 states, including Illinois, have said that Daily Fantasy Sports is illegal gambling.  With HB 4323, it...
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Gender Dysphoria: When Feelings Replace Fact
By Tami Jackson   |   05.02.16
America is suddenly the upside down kingdom: our culture daily calls “evil good, and good evil.” One symptom of our...
How I Discovered True Masculinity
My adolescence was a social nightmare. I grew up in the rural South but didn’t fit the mold of Southern masculinity in the slightest. Sports piqued no interest in me; roughhousing made me nervous; slaying innocent animals seemed cruel and gross. Of course I never expressed such blasphemies...
Bathroom Wars’ Goal: Humiliate the American Normal Majority
Welcome to life in totalitarian America, where even going to the bathroom and identifying the sex of an adult have now become intensely political acts.
Illinois Colleges Have Much to Learn about Free Speech
By Andrew Willis   |   04.29.16
There is never a shortage of stories about attacks on free speech on the American college campus.  Here is one...
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