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DC Audit:  Taxpayers Paying for Abortions   
By David E. Smith   |   10.02.14
The Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently issued a report revealing that 1,036 plans in Obamacare (also known as the Affordable Care Act)...
Common Core: Beyond Rote
As we’ve noted before, when proponents of the Obama Administration’s Common Core education reforms try to make the case for the program, they often end up giving material to its opponents.
Where is Jesus Buried?  And Other Media Missteps
By Dr. Marvin Olasky   |   10.01.14
The New York Times is known as a solemn production that does not print comics, so we have to rely on...
Un-Common, Not Core
I became a math teacher by a circuitous route. My degree is in engineering. I spent five and a half years refurbishing nuclear submarines, and then I quit work to bear, rear, and eventually homeschool our three children.
Obama Addresses Rape of Co-eds But Not Servicemen
By Laurie Higgins   |   09.30.14
Let’s give President Barack Obama his due. Last week he announced his “It’s On Us” campaign to end sexual assault of...
Is Marriage Declining Despite Same-Sex Unions or Because of Them?
By Peter S. Sprigg   |   09.29.14
An article in the Washington Examiner on September 18 carried the headline: “Census: Marriage rate at 93-year low, even including same-sex couples.“...
Federal Judge Envisions ‘Rape License’ for ‘Right to Rape’
By Matt Barber   |   09.29.14
Judge Richard Posner, a federal judge with the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, recently become a hero to the pro-”gay...
The Perversity of Righteousness—A 180-Degree Moral Shift
By Luke Hamilton   |   09.27.14
It is downright difficult to shock or awe anyone anymore. The convergence of instant-media platforms and invisible data networks, which...
The Potheads in Our Dopey Media
By Cliff Kincaid   |   09.27.14
Reporter Charlo Greene of the CBS television affiliate in Alaska used an obscenity on the air, announcing she was quitting...
Bulletin Insert — YOU Can Make a Difference
By David E. Smith   |   09.26.14
Forty days from today, our state and nation will be voting for candidates who will serve in important government positions that...
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