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Local Voter Guides
Below is the IFI Voter guide broken down by congressional district, the full version can be found HERE. Voter Guide...
Ballot Questions: Constitutional Amendments & Referenda
Two proposed changes to the Illinois Constitution will be on the November 4th ballot — one pertaining to crime victims’ rights and the other, elections. In addition, three advisory referenda will be on the ballot.
Identity Thievery
In the July/August 2013 issue of Touchstone, the editors rejected the idea that one could be both "gay" and Christian. The basis of that belief, we said, is exemplified in St. Paul's assurance to the Corinthian church that what some of its believers used to be—and here he recited a catalog of sins that included arsenokoitai ("sexual perverts")—they no longer were, because they had been washed, sanctified, and justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Spirit of our God
Amazing Grace Amazingly Staged
By Eric Metaxas   |   10.29.14
Amazing Grace is now an amazing new musical. And a great reminder of why Christians need to be involved in the arts.
MULTICULTURALISM: The Social Equivalent to a Participation Trophy
By Luke Hamilton   |   10.28.14
Liberals have given us some silly ideas over the years. Gun-free zones. Public-sector unions. Socialized medicine. On and on. The...
Criminalizing Dissent Via Lawfare
By Robert Knight   |   10.27.14
The heavy hand of misused government power is getting heavier by the day. Given the Obama Administration’s vast abuses of...
Defending Churches: ADF Challenges Government Assaults on Religious Freedom
Written by Allen Sears I recently wrote to invite you to enlist your pastor to participate in our seventh annual Pulpit...
Sibling-Marriage Equality: Say Yes to Incest
By Laurie Higgins   |   10.22.14
A recent article in The Telegraph titled “Incest a ‘Fundamental Right’, a German Committee Says” was precipitated by the infamous case...
The Solemnization of Matrimony
If Christians are to accept gay so-called marriage, they must accept that our liturgies and our services, our pastors and priests, our forefathers and foremothers have been for centuries wrong about the meaning of marriage.
A Church in Exile
Religion, and maybe Ebola, owned the news this week. From the confusion and public relations nightmare at the Vatican over the Synod’s Relatio, to the Caesarism of Annise Parker and the City of Houston subpoenaing sermons from pastors, it has been a busy week for the religion beat.
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Pastors Establish the Christian Emergency League