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Stop Funding Education Based on Identity Politics
By Kristi Shaffer   |   09.03.21
Parents across the nation have said bittersweet good-byes to their college-bound children in the last couple of weeks. They send them off with the hope that they flourish in their education and find the path for their future. Student’s hopes and dreams, however, often come with a high price tag. Parents and students alike are concerned about how they will pay for college. The state of Illinois General Assembly and Governor JB Pritzker decided the best way to deal with educational funding is establishing grants based on identity politics rather than merit.
Karl Marx’s Favorite Quote
By Dr. Jerry Newcombe   |   09.02.21
It is incredible how a failed theory—Marxism—continues to make inroads into the hearts and minds of millions of fellow Americans. A new poll out the other week found that for the first time, a majority of Democrats say they prefer socialism over capitalism.
What Biden and Never-Trumpers Have Done
By Laurie Higgins   |   09.01.21
Yesterday, Joe Biden proclaimed the evacuation from Afghanistan an “extraordinary success” that was executed exactly the way “the mission was designed.” Meanwhile, the Taliban celebrated this extraordinary success, also known as the Taliban’s humiliation of the most powerful military in...
Resources to Fight Tyrannical Vaccine Mandates
By James M. Odom   |   08.31.21
Vaccines are not a threat to liberty. However, being forced to submit to taking medicine and/or a medical procedure that is both controversial and troublesome to many of us is. Vaccine mandates are a violation of the unalienable individual right...
Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act
By Kathy Valente   |   08.31.21
If they have their way, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), along with U.S. Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Ron Wyden (D-OR), want the entire nation to be able to get high by legalizing marijuana on a federal level....
Teacher Wants Students to Pledge Allegiance to “LGBTQ” Flag
By Laurie Higgins   |   08.30.21
Remember when homosexuals lied through their teeth saying all they wanted was to be free to do what they wanted in the privacy of their bedrooms? Those were the days, my friend, the gullible thought they’d never end. But they...
The Cutting Issues in Ministerial Exception Cases
The U.S. Supreme Court in Hosanna-Tabor (2012) and Our Lady of Guadalupe (2020) embraced what Justice Samuel Alito described as the “so-called ministerial exception,” a doctrine that exempts religious organizations from discrimination laws when dealing with certain employees.  Why “so-called”?  Because the exemption covers more than just ministers or the top officials of a religious organization.  But whom else?  Certainly some teachers in church elementary schools, as the U.S. Supreme Court held in both of those cases.
The World Suffers Because of Myopic Leftist Rage
By Laurie Higgins   |   08.27.21
On November 7, 2020, four days after the General Election, a millennial friend who identifies as a Christian and is a devoted disciple of critical race theory and BLM posted this sacrilegious image on her Facebook page:
Science-Y Fiction on Masking
By Laurie Higgins   |   08.26.21
In their quest to restrict liberty, impose morality, and control culture, leftists who claim fealty to science—including soft, pseudo, semi, and specially selected science—often neglect to share all the science available. From “trans”-cultic practices to faux-comprehensive sex ed to Covid-19,...
Colorado Springs Father Takes Down CRT
By Micah Clark   |   08.25.21
There is a powerful 2-minute testimony from Derrick Wilburn speaking before a school board in Colorado Springs, CO that is making the rounds on the internet.  Mr. Wilburn’s talk is widely credited with the school board’s vote to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory in his school district.
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