Therapeutic Cleansing
Therapeutic Cleansing

Information-hungry Americans genuinely dedicated to this nation’s hard-fought prosperity and prayerful longevity now possess extraordinarily powerful technology with which to circumnavigate the tidal wave of “news”, pursuing truth versus corruptible bias.

With objective journalism dead and buried, professional reporters find themselves supplanted by ratings-starved media charlatans publicly bemoaning the death of national civility while privately fomenting hate, derision and discord across the fruited plain.

Seemingly omnipotent power of the press to smother important knowledge with arguably worthless blather poses a daunting challenge for every patriotic American to demand transparency/accuracy from those we trust to inform.  Every loyal citizen devoted to perpetuating this glorious experiment in self-governance can celebrate the fact that unbridled marketplace competition mandated by an informed populace will ultimately sandblast/power-wash the playing field leaving fake news simply to ponder its own pathetic, self-inflicted demise.

William G. Parrot
McHenry County


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