Former SCOTUS Justice O’Connor’s Prophecy
Former SCOTUS Justice O’Connor’s Prophecy

With all of the personal discussion about abortion going on across America, one past comment by a notable on the subject not being brought forward, amazes me. The “Talking Heads within the media have failed to mention past Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s remarks about abortion when she stated “Abortion is headed on a collision course with medical science.” That, of course, is exactly where we are at this time.

With all the advances in medical science, these advances have shown clearly the truth about abortion to many citizens for the first time. “Choice” and “women’s rights” revealed for what they bring on to our country, and the hapless victim, the unborn child.  Life does indeed begin at conception.

Sandra Day O”Connors words reflect a severe loss to our country of compassion and equal treatment to all, which was the law of our land before abortion was foisted upon us by the Supreme Court. The victim, the most weak and vulnerable of all, doomed to death before birth by “choice.”

As O’Connor’s promise proves to be true, we can see abortion on demand slowly, but surely, fall into the dust heap of the largest legal mistakes America has made. A Supreme Court decision based on the false expansion of privacy rights, hopefully will soon end in a Supreme Court decision returning to all the greatest right we have. That being our God given right to Life itself.

Jim Finnegan
Barrington, Illinois


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