Another False Ferguson Narrative?
Another False Ferguson Narrative?

Missing from the media coverage of the Charlottesville violence were answers to these questions:

1) Which side struck the first blow, expecting retaliation?

2) Why did the mayor order the police to stand down, as happened in the Berkeley, California violence? Both situations were potentially explosive and did explode.

3) Why no mention of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s allegation that rally’s organizer was a former Occupy New York activist and Obama supporter, who should have realized the rally was bait for the radical leftists?

4.) Why was the presence of the Antifa (anti-fascists) glossed over when they were doing their Berkeley number—provocation and violence?

5) Why was the Rightists’ permit ignored as well as the hooded crashers’ lack of one?

One wonders whether or not this was a staged event with the city of Charlottesville’s participation, with a view to making black voters angry, white voters guilty, and the President compromised. If so, it doesn’t bode well for our country because, undoubtedly, there are many more such “events” ahead. Careful and objective reporting—which the current is not—might hold us back from becoming another Venezuela or a Spain of  the  ‘30s.

John J. McCartney, Jr
Cook County

Afterthought: as we use the scales weighing race-related evils like White Supremacy, weighed also must be the 60 million pre-born humans denied life (1973-2017), a shockingly disproportionate number being black.

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