Same Sex Marriage & SCOTUS Letter
Same Sex Marriage & SCOTUS Letter

This is a letter written by a local pastor regarding Same Sex Marriage & SCOTUS.

Since there are some who think “silence gives consent” I would like to voice my opposition to the ruling of SCOTUS on the issue of same sex marriage.

First of all let me say God loves homosexuals.  Always has, always will.  God not only loves the homosexual but He loves all people.  That is wonderful good news for all of us.  We cannot reach a point where God does not love us!  However, God always hates sin which is any violation of his commandments.  This is the nature of God:  He always hates sin but He always loves the sinner.

On Friday, June 26th, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States of America handed down their decision and declared that same sex marriage should be legal in all fifty states.  The homosexual activists and many others are happy with the decision.  It seems that dramatic and sweeping changes will be coming in our nation because of this ruling.

Unfortunately, those who are celebrating this landmark decision are not listening to God’s   commandments that we find in His word.  The Scriptures are clear about homosexual behavior.  I will spare you the sermon but if you are interested to read here are some of the Scriptures that speak directly to homosexual behavior: Genesis 2:18-24; Genesis 18:1-19:29; Leviticus 18:22; Leviticus 20:13; Romans 1:18-25; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11; 1 Timothy 1:9-10, etc.

Even more unfortunate is that those who are celebrating same sex marriage are overlooking the reality that children need both a mom and a dad.  Let me quote just a bit from the Illinois Family Institute:  “Marriage exists for the benefit of children.  Social science research and thousands of years of history show that children do best when raised by their married mom and dad.”

Even though SCOTUS is the highest judicial body in the nation they are not the highest authority in the nation.  The almighty God is, always has been and always will be the highest authority in our nation.  Since God created us and created the institution of marriage it is necessary that we who love God also follow Him in all things.  How can SCOTUS define marriage since they did not create it?

God tells me that I should love my neighbor as myself.  I am trying to do that.  I really don’t I have to hate anybody to embrace God’s wonderful design for marriage.  I will continue to love those that disagree with me.  Sadly, some who disagree with me have called me a bigot and told me that I hate homosexuals.  That is simply not true.

In the wake of the Supreme Court decision this in part is the statement from my denominational leaders:   “We believe a biblical view of marriage involves a monogamous, covenantal relationship between a man and a woman….We pray that God will help us be examples of His truth in a world that needs to see God’s love demonstrated in word and deed more than ever.”

I am not interested in arguments or debates.  Those who favor same sex marriage have spoken loud and clear.  I simply write to let it be known that many do not agree with the logic and judgment of the highest court in our nation.  I have said what I have said to encourage those who, like me, are trying to test all things through the lens of Biblical truth.  Thank you.

Pastor Jim Buchanan, Havana Church of the Nazarene.

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