Hugh Hefner’s Real Legacy: Disease, Despair, and Death
A timely and stunning statistic befitting the recent death of America’s patriarch of pornography: a shocking 110 million Americans -- over one-third of our population -- are saddled with a sexually transmitted disease...
Detaching Sex From Marriage
By Micah Clark   |   09.29.17
Sociologist Mark Regnerus has a new in-depth study of how our culture’s lack of sexual morality is impacting relationships in ways not seen in previous generations.  There was a fascinating, if not disturbing, review of Regnerus’ new book (Cheap ...
Divorce Rates Double when People Start Watching Porn
There’s an oft-quoted rule on the internet: “If it exists, there is porn of it.” Even if that’s an exaggeration, there’s no question that men and women have been consuming more sexually explicit content since the world went online..."
Porn Users More Likely to Engage in Risky Sexual Behavior
People who use pornography are more likely to partake in risky sexual behavior and have multiple sex partners, a new study has found. Researchers from the University of Sydney and Curtin University in Australia analyzed the findings of 17 previous studies on porn use to determine whether there is an association between “sexual risk behaviors” and pornography consumption.
Porn Study Needs To Be Read, Says National Center
More evidence points to the harm of pornography, most recently a university study covering seven nations.
Just a Little Poison
“A little pornography can actually be a good thing,” I read in horror. A Facebook friend had just posed the question, “Is pornography good or bad?” and the comments were pouring in. “It’s fine as long as you view in moderation,” came the next reply.
The Hopeless Brothels of Bangladesh
By Laurie Higgins   |   09.15.16
Hashi, a 17-year-old girl who has been working as a prostitute since she was 10, offers a painful glimpse of Bangladeshi brothel life: When I first took a customer, I didn’t realize what was going to happen. He raped me...
McDonald’s Chooses Porn Free Wi-Fi
By Charlie Butts   |   07.16.16
A fast-food restaurant has started blocking Internet pornography from its Wi-Fi-enabled restaurants while a second chain is refusing to do so. McDonald’s has been lobbied for nearly two years to block Internet pornography in its restaurants and has finally done...
The Porn Pandemic Infecting Teens and Young Adults
By Tami Jackson   |   02.12.16
For everything that God created and called good, Satan has perverted, and perverted in such a way as to do the most harm to the height of God’s creation, mankind. God pours out grace and mercy that leads to abundant...
U.S. Bishops Take a Stand Against Pornography, Applauded by NCOSE
The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) applauds the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which voted today to adopt a formal statement about the crisis of pornography, entitled "Create in Me a Clean Heart: A Pastoral Response to Pornography," at the annual Fall General Assembly. NCOSE commends the bishops' stand against pornography as exploitive and harmful material.
Bad News, Indeed – Playboy Opened the Floodgates and Now the Culture is Drowning
By Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr.   |   10.23.15
A venerable parable from Confucian China told of an elderly man who had seen emperors and events come and go, and observed from his Confucian worldview that good news and bad news were often difficult to tell apart. “Good news?...
Hilton Hotels Remove Pornography
The worldwide Hilton hotel chain has removed all porn channels from its hotels in 85 countries after a campaign that saw top executives each getting as many as 1,000 emails a week opposing the presence of porn in the hotels....
Push to Block ‘Cosmo’ Cover Gaining Traction
The campaign to put Cosmopolitan magazine behind blinders in stores is gaining momentum.
Porn Laws Exist, Let’s Enforce Them
By Charlie Butts   |   07.20.15
Steps are being taken to deal with the ramifications of pornography, and part of the measure has to do with the government and its attitude towards the problem. Last week the National Center on Sexual Exploitation held a symposium in...
‘Gay Marriage’ Rooted in Fraud
By Matt Barber   |   04.21.15
The very notion of “gay marriage” is an artificial construct. It’s the aberrant byproduct of the sexual revolution, which, itself, was largely instigated by bug doctor turned “sexologist,” Alfred Kinsey. Though married to a woman who took part in his...
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