Four Ways Culture is Attacking Manhood
By Ecce Verum   |   08.25.23
Four principles of manhood that our society is attacking vigorously: #1: Men are to take dominion over the earth (Gen. 1:28). This was included in God's first set of commands to Adam and still remains a central imperative for men today. On the contrary, our culture provides little support for men who are serious about exercising dominion over what God has placed under their control, and instead provides many escapes from a man's true obligations.
Sound of Freedom?
By Thomas Hampson   |   07.11.23
No problem can be solved unless you can see it clearly. Too often, people jump in and act without having any real understanding of the problem--its nature and scope, its scale and dimensions. They make assumptions and conclusions, without proper investigation and clarity. The result is always the same when you act without understanding. Failure.
Pride Month
By Thomas Hampson   |   06.30.23
Why is there so much enthusiasm by so many people to celebrate non-heterosexual sexuality? For a whole month? It was June 11, 1999 that President Clinton proclaimed June as “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.” President Obama changed it to “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month” on May 31, 2011. Why do we even have it? Why are certain groups selected to have a day or a month dedicated to their recognition, celebration, honor, or just acknowledgment?
Rapper Targets Target for Targeting Kids
By Ecce Verum   |   06.21.23
Politicians and government officials have debated about LGBT issues for quite some time now. Decades in fact. Bathroom and locker-room laws, "don't-ask-don't-tell" in the armed services, and whether or not to apply anti-discrimination laws to sexual orientation have all flashed across the national stage at various points in time. The decisions politicians and judges have made in situations like these have had far-reaching consequences for our nation.
Age Appropriate Doesn’t Mean Banned
By Kenna Rose   |   06.01.23
Nothing opens your mind to new worlds and new possibilities better than a book. Stories can communicate ideas, themes, and lessons considerably better than a lecture does. Children love to act out the stories of their favorite characters, adopting their mannerisms and wishing to be them. You probably can think of a book that has impacted you deeply and maybe even encouraged you to change your behavior in some manner.
Ignoring Evil
By Thomas Hampson   |   05.31.23
The problem of child sexual abuse in the United States is far greater than most people realize. Sixty million American adults are sexual abuse survivors. Twenty percent of us. Thirty-nine million of the victims were abused before turning twelve years old. Because most of them will never tell anyone about their experiences, the scope of the problem remains largely a hidden evil.
Mr. Beast, Chris Tyson, and the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
By Kenna Rose   |   05.02.23
If you’ve never heard of Jimmy Donaldson, more commonly known by the moniker Mr. Beast, ask your child who he is. He (or she) likely knows. Mr. Beast is a highly popular YouTuber with multiple channels dedicated to various things, such as friendly competitions, gaming, and philanthropy... Chris Tyson is a member of Mr. Beast’s cast of friends. Over the past couple of months, viewers noticed that Tyson has started to look and act differently in videos. The reason why became clear when Tyson revealed on Twitter that he has been going through hormone treatments to try and ‘transition’ into a girl. What makes this even sadder is that Tyson has a wife and son, who now must deal with the inevitable fallout of Tyson’s decision.
Opposing Transgenderism Is Not Genocide
By Oliver Perry   |   04.14.23
America’s children are being targeted by sex predators. Their recruiters are already in our schools and libraries. These “transgender” people need your children as converts. Consider: Children returning from school carrying "gender unicorn lessons," which teach strange ideas of sex and gender; Public libraries are conditioning your children through “drag queen readings" to get children familiar with these recruiters; Schools are hiding from parents that they're giving puberty blocking drugs to their children.
Taxpayer-Funded Libraries Defend Obscenity, Child Corruption and Censorship
By Laurie Higgins   |   10.04.21
How many times have conservatives heard “progressives” claim that the controversial, obscene material they want taught to children is “age-appropriate”?

Government school teachers who are paid by the public want absolute autonomy and absolute anonymity, and that is why we now have adults introducing obscene material to other people’s children.
Pornography is a Problem We Can’t Ignore
A recent Wall Street Journal investigation offered a glimpse into the world that a minor when scrolling through Tik Tok, the most popular social media platform among America’s teenagers. It wasn’t pretty. The journalists set up 31 fake Tik Tok accounts posing as 13–15-year-old users and discovered that the algorithm very quickly started showing them sexually explicit content, sexual violence, and links to OnlyFans. The fact that the age set on each of the 31 accounts was set at 15 or younger made no difference as pornographic content and links made their way into each account’s feed.
Porn Star Rightly Kicked Out of Conservative Political Event
By Laurie Higgins   |   07.23.21
Many self-identifying Republicans have no understanding of the term “conservatism.” Case in point, the recent kerfuffle that ensued when conservative leaders of the Turning Point USA organization rightfully revoked an invitation to porn star “Brandi Love” to attend the Student Action Summit as a VIP. Love was asked to leave the event intended for high school and college students after attendees found out what she does for a living. To be clear, Love, who self-identifies as “conservative,” is not a former porn star. She is a current porn star who heartily affirms pornography.
Defining Deviancy Down
By Micah Clark   |   04.15.21
The title is a reference to a concept espoused decades ago by U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY). The idea was not original to Moynihan, but the phrase meant that as bad behavior becomes more pervasive a limit is crossed...
Important Litigation Against Porn & Sex Traffickers
By James M. Odom   |   02.24.21
On February 12, 2021, two anonymous plaintiffs filed a class action complaint in Alabama Federal Court against pornographer MG Freesites, an international syndicated pornography corporation headquartered in the Republic of Cyprus and having organizations and doing business in at least 6 countries including the U.S. (as Mindgeek, USA, Inc., Delaware).
Recent Events Offer a Glimpse into Leftist Dreams for America
By Laurie Higgins   |   02.09.21
The most recent was Sunday’s Super Bowl during which a vulgar man/boy who calls himself the Weekend performed his song “Earn It” which is a paean to sadomasochism written for the softcore porn movie Fifty Shades of Grey which was based on the softcore porn bodice ripper Fifty Shades of Grey. In the name of “equity,” leftists want to get women as addicted to porn as men are.
Netflix Has Been Indicted in Texas on Child Pornography Charges for Promoting “Cuties”
Netflix, after facing intense public backlash for airing the provocative film "Cuties," which many saw as sexualizing children, is now facing criminal charges in the state of Texas.

State Representative Matt Schaefer (R-TX) made public a grand jury indictment that has been filed in Tyler County, alleging Netflix is guilty of promoting "lewd visual material depicting a child."
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