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America Burns While Our Schools Hold The Match

The nation's educational establishment is responsible for current chaos and lack of restraint...
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What Just Happened?

What is really going on with the “Weinstein women” and the multitude of others who are now coming out and pointing fingers at men who made debauched advances toward them?  Was Harvey Weinstein’s behavior only offensive because the women weren’t interested?  If  the women had been pleased to go along would that mean that his behavior was acceptable?  I have not heard one person even try to suggest such a thing, and I am quite certain I won’t.  No one believes that the only reason Weinstein’s behavior was unacceptable was because these women were a little “prudish.”

The adjectives now …

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Paraphilias of the Day: Frotteurism and Toucherism

Our paraphilias of the week: Frotteurism and Toucherism. “Toucherism” might have given you the clue about the definition. Frotteurism is a paraphilic interest in rubbing, usually one’s pelvic area ... against a non-consenting person for sexual pleasure. It may involve touching any part of the body, including the genital area. Toucherism is sexual arousal based on grabbing or rubbing one’s hands against an unexpecting (and non-consenting) person. School districts of the not too distant future might want to get ready for the letters F and T.
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The Law of the Harvest: America Sows Free Love and Reaps Heartbreak

America was founded as a beacon of light, a refuge to those who only wanted to worship the God of the Bible as they saw fit. Our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, were infused with biblical precepts and a presumption of a Creator and His transcendent Truth.

For over 200 years this experiment in liberty flourished, lighting the world with the light of Truth and Righteousness.

At times during our nation’s history, Americans en masse veered toward the broad path to destruction. And at every departure from upright and moral living, a preacher or …

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Dependable vs. Deplorable

The 'deplorable' reports keep flowing out of Hollywood, including the sophisticated cover-up which afforded a powerful predator, Harvey Weinstein, to stalk and then silence dozens of victims. One would assume that the "are you kidding me?" response given to Vice President Mike Pence’s personal ethical guidelines earlier this year, regarding his treatment of women other than his wife, might get a more favorable reconsideration in light of the Hollywood ethic. Reporters, academics, entertainers, and art enthusiasts claim to envision a 'respect women' ethic. I can only wonder which vision best aligns with their's - Weinstein or Pence?
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