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“Furries” Trend is a Result of the Slippery Slope

Twenty years ago, Dr. James Dobson and Franklin Graham warned us then that the outright acceptance of sin would lead to tolerance for other types of abominations. Academics, politicians, and advocates of homosexuality all insisted that tolerance of the LGBTQ+ community would not lead to other non-traditional lifestyles. These advocates decried the "slippery slope" theory as a fallacy. Fast forward to 2021, and the truth of the descent of morality is becoming clear. The church has dealt with not only homosexuality but now is facing problems with the expanding sexual, gender, and species dysphoria of transexuals, "furries," "therians," and "otherkins."  
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Important Litigation Against Porn & Sex Traffickers

On February 12, 2021, two anonymous plaintiffs filed a class action complaint in Alabama Federal Court against pornographer MG Freesites, an international syndicated pornography corporation headquartered in the Republic of Cyprus and having organizations and doing business in at least 6 countries including the U.S. (as Mindgeek, USA, Inc., Delaware).
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Dr. James Dobson Sues Over Obamacare Abortion Pill Mandate

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against the Obama administration on behalf of Dr. James Dobson and his “Family Talk” radio show and ministry, a Christian non-profit organization that is currently subject to Obamacare’s abortion pill mandate.

The lawsuit challenges the legality and constitutionality of the mandate, which requires religious employers to provide insurance coverage for abortifacients, sterilization, and contraception to employees regardless of religious or moral objections. Dobson and Family Talk object specifically to providing coverage for abortion drugs and devices.

“The government shouldn’t be able to punish Americans for exercising their fundamental freedoms,” …

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