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Abortion Disempowers Women

Accessible abortion gives women power, or so they say. As they put it, a baby on the way potentially jeopardizes a woman's professional career or even her social life. In short, if women aren't able to decide when to—excuse the euphemism—"terminate their pregnancies," then they are necessarily reduced to second-class citizens who cannot control their future.
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Abortion and States’ Rights

On May 2, the town of Danville, Illinois became what some have called a "sanctuary city for the unborn." After Planned Parenthood staff announced plans to open an abortion clinic in the town, the city council reacted by narrowly passing an ordinance (8-7), citing a section of federal law that forbids the mailing of abortion paraphernalia.
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Killing Newborn Babies

America’s two founding documents have important bearing on the subject of abortion. The Declaration of Independence acknowledges that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights. The first right enumerated is the “right to life.” The founders didn’t grant this right. They simply acknowledged it and spelled it out in our founding documents.
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Oren Jacobson: Another Foolish Illinois Activist

Why has Illinois become a stinking bog of degradation, violence, and fiscal collapse? It’s because we have scores of “leaders,” and activists who are as unable to distinguish right from wrong as they are unable to distinguish men from women. One of those activists is Oren Jacobson, devoted advocate for the slaughter of preborn humans, founder of Men4Choice, board member of pro-human slaughter Personal PAC, self-identifying "thought leader," and self-promoter extraordinaire...
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On University Campuses It Is ‘Free Speech for Me But Not for Thee’

It takes a lot for a tenured professor to be fired, but it recently happened to Frances Widdowson. As reported by Fox News, Widdowson “who taught economics, justice and policy studies, was fired from Mount Royal University (MRU) in Calgary, Alberta, last December after stoking controversy for comments criticizing BLM, which she said ‘destroyed MRU’ to such an extent that she ‘doesn’t recognize the institution anymore.’”
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