No Ignoring the Conscience Protection Act
No Ignoring the Conscience Protection Act
Written By Monte Larrick   |   07.27.16

The Pro-Life Action League is not willing shut up about abortion and just live with it. The group’s annual Face the Truth Tour brought a disturbing reminder to Chicago area streets that abortion kills babies. But leaders of the Pro-Life Action League are also reminding Christians that they should vote for candidates who support the rights of the unborn and who back legislation that protects the choice to not collaborate in abortion.

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Monte Larrick
Larrick, an award winning broadcast journalist, retired from Moody Broadcasting in Chicago after more than 30 years of service. In 2014, he joined the IFI team to use his news gathering experience to help inform IFI supporters about issues that impact their lives. Mr. Larrick and his wife have been married 33 years and have two daughters. ...


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