IL Attorney General Launches Investigation on Library for Illegal Censorship
IL Attorney General Launches Investigation on Library for Illegal Censorship

Written By Dan Kleinman

The Illinois Attorney General has launched investigations of the Orland Park Public Library, Orland Park, IL, for its censorship of–yours truly.  That’s right, me.  Twice, no less, in “OMA Request for Review – 2014 PAC 29489” and in “OMA Request for Review – 2014 PAC 29540.”  Hat tip to Megan Fox for making me aware of this:

  • “Two More Letters Opening Investigations Into the Wrongdoings of the OPPL-BoT; This One is Really Interesting Because It Involves the Library From Prohibiting Dan Kleinman From Speaking,” by Megan FoxFans of Megan Fox, 9 June 2014:

Two more letters opening investigations into the wrongdoings of the OPPL Board of Trustees This one is really interesting because it involves the Library from prohibiting Dan Kleinman from speaking.  The ALA lists Dan Kleinman as their number 1 enemy because he is the nation’s leading expert on the lies the ALA tells the public!  The OMA does not prohibit people from speaking via video-conference, but the OPPL-BoT passed unreasonable restrictions specifically to silence Kleinman!  Keep in mind that the OPPL-BoT regular teleconferences in to conduct their meetings.  Why not just let Dan Kleinman have 5 minutes?  What’s the big deal?  It’s 5 minutes!  This board can’t listen to someone well-educated on the subject for 5 measly minutes?

Neither 2014 PAC 29489 nor 29540 name me, but both are about blocking someone from teleconferencing at public meetings, in this case the monthly library board of trustees meetings.  I was the only one who asked to speak at two meetings; was signed up on the list of speakers; was ready, willing, and able to teleconference, but was not allowed to speak.  I was the only one the library board specifically wrote policy about to silence me–at its criminal meeting in violation of law during a state holiday, as the Illinois Attorney General has recently determined.

To explain this matter further, see my own Request for Review made to the Illinois Attorney General on this very issue of the library repeatedly blocking me in violation of the law.  I spell out the law that blocks porn from all Illinois libraries, and that is likely exactly why I have been repeatedly blocked and why the censorship continues.  These are elected public officials blocking me in violation of the law, so this is censorship:

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