PODCAST: Unbelievably Woke Springfield STILL Isn’t Done Indoctrinating Children

Leftists in Springfield are still not done using Illinois schools to preach “woke” beliefs to Illinois school children, thereby driving more families out of Illinois—which is a bad thing for Illinoisans who can’t leave—and driving more families out of government schools—which is a good thing except for those who can’t leave.

State Representative Mary Flowers (D-Chicago) has filed a jaw-dropping bill , HB 80, that doesn’t propose merely “standards” or “guidelines” or even a type of curricula. Oh no, Flowers is going for the whole enchilada. If passed, her bill would mandate the teaching of specific books on race and feminism: 20 non-fiction books and 9 fiction. Every book is written by a leftist. There is not one book in Flowers’ list by either a person of color or a colorless person who criticizes or dissents from leftist assumptions on race or feminism.

Flowers’ bill says…

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PODCAST: Unbelievably Woke Springfield STILL Isn't Done Indoctrinating Children

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