PODCAST: Springfield Swampsters Fear Only Private-Schooling Parents

Want to know who “progressives” in Springfield fear? They fear parents with kids in private schools. The rest of you are merely annoying gadflies to be swatted down with a rolled-up copy of their school sexuality-indoctrination bill and haughty flick of their wrists.

Why do I say that? Because the Springfield swampsters, fearing the wrath of private schoolers, just introduced an amendment to their “Inclusive Curriculum” bill that exempts private schools from the mandate that schools teach about the disordered sexuality of cultural contributors.

You heard that right. Springfield swampsters couldn’t care less how conservative parents with kids ages 5-18 in government schools feel about their children being forced to learn that not only was Sally Ride the first woman in space but that she was also a LESBIAN! Hurray for homosexuality!



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