PODCAST: Science-Deniers Claim “Men” Bleed–Monthly

One of the movements in our movement-cluttered, chaotic world is the “period-positive movement” which seeks to destigmatize menstruation. And one of the ways period-positivists seek to destigmatize menstruation is to make it more “inclusive.”

Menstru-philes bristle at the idea that “menstruation is equated with femininity and womanhood.” They argue that  “Menstruation stigma is definitely rooted in misogyny, but that doesn’t mean it only affects women.” Menstru-philes argue that “if we frame menstruation as only a woman’s issue, we imply that trans men and non-binary people who happen to menstruate are actually women.” They recommend that when referring to “those who menstruate,” we not call them “women and girls.” Instead, refer to them as “people” or “people who menstruate.”

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