PODCAST: Mattel’s New Gender Neutral Dolls

In order to reflect, promote, and inculcate children with the radical sexuality ideology of Leftists, Mattel, the toy manufacturer of Barbie dolls, has introduced a new line of “Creatable World” gender-neutral dolls that come complete with boyish- and girlish-looking wigs, clothing, and accessories. Each singular creatable, gender-neutral doll comes with its own pronouns, some of which are grammatically incorrect, rhetorically confusing, and biologically ignorant, like “they” or “xem.”

Like Victor Frankenstein, cultural regressives harbor the delusion that humans can create their own ontological and moral world. In their futile attempt to erase the sexual binary and appease the powerful and aggressive “trans” lobby, Mattel painstakingly developed a doll whose features look neither recognizably male nor female, thereby providing yet more evidence that culture is never neutral on moral issues. From this unfortunate business decision, we learn again that culture can either reaffirm truth or undermine it.

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