PODCAST: Is This the Worst School Board in Illinois?

Illinoisans have no dearth of reasons to remove their children from our government faux-education camps that are called “schools” in Newspeak. Leftists control teachers’ unions, the Illinois State Board of Education, and the fetid Springfield Swamp from which have emerged laws mandating that 5-year-old children must be introduced to positive ideas about and images of sexual perversity. And leftists control many local school boards.

What’s more, leftists sitting on school boards want nothing less than total fascistic control of everything pertaining to curricula and professional development. They resent the presence of even one conservative board member. They have no interest in ideological diversity, inclusivity, or unity with those who do not share their moral, political, or pedagogical views.

It would behoove Illinoisans to take a gander at the school board of the largest high school district in the state, District 211, to understand better just how depraved school boards have become. And it would certainly behoove anyone with children who is considering moving to District 211 to read on.

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Laurie's Chinwags
Laurie's Chinwags
PODCAST: Is This the Worst School Board in Illinois?

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