PODCAST: Bigot Bezos and Amazon Ban Book

You’ve probably heard homosexual activists and “trans”-cultists mock the idea that Christians in First World countries are or ever will be persecuted. Well, here’s a news item direct from the expanding “That is NOT persecution” file: Catholic clinical psychologist Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Sr.’s books on reparative therapy for those who experience unwanted same-sex attraction are now banned from Amazon.

Since deliberately deceitful homo-activists relentlessly conflate “aversion” therapies, which can include the administration of pain, and reparative therapies, it’s important to clarify that Nicolosi’s counseling practice and underlying theories never included “aversion” therapy treatments, nor were they coercive. His treatment protocol was “talk therapy” intended to help clients better understand the environmental factors that may have contributed to the development of same-sex attraction in the hope of reducing such feelings. He promised no particular outcome, engaged in no “aversion” therapies, and counseled no one who opposed counseling.

Whether one accepts or rejects his theories about the possible effects of childhood trauma on the development of same-sex attraction is irrelevant to an assessment of the ethical implications of and danger posed by Amazon’s de facto censorship. Many would argue that “born gay” or “born-‘trans’” theories are both devoid of conclusive proof and are destructive, and yet Amazon doesn’t ban the sale of books that promulgate those doctrinaire theories.

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