Is a State Constitutional Amendment For Abortion Expected?
Is a State Constitutional Amendment For Abortion Expected?
Written By Francis Perce   |   01.03.22
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When our state lawmaker convene the 103rd General Assembly on January 11th, Democrats may immediately push for a Constitutional Amendment on Abortion, hoping to permanently enshrine abortion as a legal right in Illinois.

The recent election revealed that abortion was a decisive topic, driving women and men alike to the polls.

However, despite statistics showing a relatively even split on the abortion issue, election results prove that Illinois is even more left-leaning than believed.

Illinois Senate Minority Leader-Elect John Curran (R-Lemont) admits in defeat that Illinois has all but constitutionalized abortion, being the most liberal state when it comes to abortion legislation.

But Democrat legislators still claim abortion freedoms are insecure. Illinois House Speaker, Chris Welch (D-Westchester), expresses his concern: “Right now, we’re a single Legislature or a single Supreme Court away from losing [abortion] rights.”

The Democrats’ solution? A state constitutional amendment securely guaranteeing abortion rights.

Sarah Resnick, leader of prominent -pro-choice organization Personal PAC says, “The people of this country want choice to be protected and codified, and they don’t want it to be dismantled. Codifying on a constitutional level makes sense.”

This blue wave and push to constitutionalize abortion recognizes, ironically, that abortion has and will continue to be a ravaging concern for Christians.

Democrats, despite their landslide victory in Illinois this election season, sense opposition and pressure over abortion. Personal PAC’s website announces, “The Enemies of Choice will never stop. And neither will we.” A bold proclamation made from trembling knees.

Pro-choice organizations are uncomfortable and insecure because Christians are providing real pushback. From gargantuan legal battles like Roe V. Wade to trifles like evangelism, their idol–the scourge of abortion–is being attacked on all sides. The pagan’s consequent squirming signifies Christianity’s success. But it is apparent: Christians cannot grow lax. As John Owen once said,

“There is not a day in our lives in which sin does not either defeat us or is defeated, prevails over us or is prevailed over.”

Every day Christians must take up their swords, armor, cross and combat the sin of abortion. It is still an active battlefield, with pro-choice activists vowing to fight back. And so we begin the new year.

Francis Perce
Francis Perce is a student at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho who plans to pursue a Juris Doctorate. In addition to HAM radio transmitting, he enjoys many outdoor activities, including  hunting, fishing, shooting, and hiking. He is particularly passionate about public speaking and have participated in the NCFCA Christian Speech & Debate League throughout high school....
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