Illinois Abortions Increased 3.5%
Illinois Abortions Increased 3.5%
Written By Chris Iverson   |   01.05.17

The Illinois Department of Public Health recently released updated statistics on abortions for 2015.  The number of pre-born human babies aborted in Illinois increased by 1,384 in 2015 to a total of 39,856.  The Illinois Abortion Law of 1975 (720 ILCS 510/10) requires the Illinois Department of Public Health to gather this information from all “health care providers statewide who performed pregnancy terminations.”  Nationally, the number of abortions has been decreasing and that has been the general trend in Illinois until now.  The Illinois data is available HERE.

Viable Or Nearly Viable Humans Aborted

There were 274 unborn humans aborted between 20 and 23 weeks gestation in Illinois during 2015.  Unborn humans at that level of development are viable outside the womb or just days from being viable.  They look like a tiny newborn at that age.  That means on average each week, 5 viable or nearly viable unborn humans are aborted in Illinois.

What’s Not In The Report

This data includes surgical abortions and the abortion pill (RU 486), but it does not include the following statistics:

♦ the sale of abortifacient drugs and devices which result in newly created humans dying, including birth control, the patch, minipill, NuvaRing, Yaz, Yasmin, IUD’s, Plan B, and Ella.

♦ the number of unborn humans frozen in IVF clinics and how many of those humans died.

♦ data on embryonic stem cell research where newly created human beings are destroyed for the purpose of experimentation.

♦ information on the sale of organs and tissue from aborted humans.

Residences Of Mothers Summarized By Area

Of the abortions where the mother’s residence was reported

♦ 8.5% were from out-of-state

♦ 45% lived in Chicago

♦ 21% lived in areas of Cook County outside of Chicago

♦ 5% lived in DuPage County

♦ 4% lived in Will County

♦ and the rest were spread throughout the state.

Marital Status And Age Of Mothers

Of the abortions where the mother’s marital status was reported:

♦ 12 percent were married.

Of the abortions where the mother’s age was reported:

♦ 10 percent were below age 20

♦ 60 percent were 20 to 29

♦ 27 percent were 30 to 39

♦ 3 percent were 40 or older.

How To Save Women And Babies From Abortion

In 2016, pro-life groups reached 8.8 million views around Illinois with the bold message “Abortion Takes Human Life.”  Come and build on that success in 2017 by attending upcoming pro-life overpasses and by donating to pro-life billboards at

Take ACTION: Please click HERE to send a message to your state representative to ask him/her to stand strong for the unborn’s right to life and against any pro-choice legislation that may be introduced in the next few weeks or months.


Upcoming Event:  Join thousands at March for Life Chicago 2017 as we come together from across Chicago, the Midwest and the U.S. to defend, protect and celebrate LIFE on January 15th!

Illinois Family Spotlight:  Listen to this week’s podcast: Part 2 — Monte Larrick and Dave Smith talk with pro-life hero Jill Stanek about “The Pro-Life Wish List” for 2017 in the new presidential administration.

Chris Iverson
Chris Iverson assists pro-life leaders to strategize, organize and mobilize for effective advocacy. In 2016, Chris led the effort in the Chicago area to reach 8.8 million views of the message “Abortion Takes Human Life.” He began his pro-life work in 2004. He has organized pro-life overpasses, pro-life billboards, sidewalk counselling and a variety of protest events.  He has been interviewed for radio, television and print news. Chris was a pro-choice atheist until the age of 20 when, after discussing the topic of abortion with a friend, he became a pro-life atheist.  Later, Chris became an evangelical Christian.  These experiences...
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