FDA Opening the ‘Barn Door’ to Human Cloning?
FDA Opening the ‘Barn Door’ to Human Cloning?
Written By   |   03.06.14
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The Federal Drug Administration is considering technology to produce three-parent babies, but an expert who testified before Congress believes it’s a bad idea.

The federal agency is considering allowing scientists to use one of several methods to create babies from the DNA of three different individuals.

Dr. David Prentice of the Family Research Council is one expert who testified against the idea, which has only been tested on monkeys so far.

“Let’s back up just a second and look at what they are proposing to do — They’re proposing to try to create disease-free children by a type of genetic engineering,” he tells OneNewsNow. “And the proposals aren’t actually to treat anybody; they’re to create new individuals that they hope won’t have a disease.”

But Dr. Prentice laments that during the hearing, the FDA totally ignored alternatives that might treat people now suffering from the genetic diseases passed from a mother to her child. Further, the technique represents a form of cloning.

“Trying to create and destroy and recreate genetically engineered children, essentially designer babies, is a completely unethical way to go about tackling this problem,” he contends.

The FRC spokesman concludes that this is “a first step to try and mainstream human cloning, and then the barn door is open.”


This article was originally posted at the OneNewsNow.com blog.

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