40 Days for Life in 2020
40 Days for Life in 2020
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Dear Pastors and Church Leaders.

September 23rd marks the beginning of 40 Days for Life, an internationally coordinated 40-day prayer campaign that aims to end abortion right where you live.

Prayer, fasting, church outreach, and PEACEFUL PRAYING outside abortion clinics are powerful in helping to save lives and—we hope and pray—in ending abortion.

Since 2007 when 40 Days for Life began, 17,226 babies have been saved, 206 abortion clinic workers have quit, and 107 abortion centers have closed! Former abortion workers have confirmed that there is up to a 75% no-show rate for appointments when there are people peacefully praying outside of an abortion clinic.

Check out this recent video (via Facebook) of a young man sharing how he and his wife decided to choose life for their baby after seeing people outside peacefully praying and talking to a sidewalk Counselor:

YouTube video

Abortions in Illinois have increased since COVID-19 invaded the U.S.  Planned Parenthood has taken advantage of the fear surrounding hospitals and healthcare institutions by encouraging use of the abortion pill. They are dispensing the abortion pills and have an abortion app which makes it easier for girls and women to access chemical abortions. This puts at risk the health of aborting mothers.

We are asking you and your church to prayerfully consider joining this year’s Fall 2020 Aurora vigil which runs from September 23- November 1.

We stand as the body of Christ representing Him by peacefully praying to save lives in our community. Can we count on you?

Every Life Matters. 


Dr. Wayne Grudem
Author and Distinguished Research Professor
of Theology and Biblical Studies
Dr. David Jones
Senior Pastor of Village Church of Barrington
Dr. James Nicodem
Senior Pastor of Christ Community Church of St. Charles
Rev. Ceasar LeFlore
Voice of the Beloved Ministries

For additional information or to sign up your church, please visit  40daysforlife.com/aurora

And/or contact:

Ricki Giersch (Co-Leader)  630-514-2058

Catherine Walker (Co-Leader) 224-999-3701

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