We oppose efforts to include “sexual orientation” as a category for preferential status under civil rights statutes at the federal, state and local levels. We support a full repeal of SB 3186, a law which adds “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to Illinois’ Human Rights Act. We believe such laws invariably erode the freedom of people of faith and others who oppose homosexuality and normalizing gender confusion (“transgenderism”) as a matter of conscience. We support laws to protect adoptive and foster children from being placed in homosexual households, and stand united with those private organizations, such as the Boy Scouts of America and the Salvation Army, that wish to live by their own moral creed, including the belief that homosexual behavior is against God’s will. We reject all hatred toward and abuse of homosexuals as unchristian, knowing as we do that it is through the love and forgiveness of Christ that many men and women who once practiced homosexuality are now living lives in line with God’s natural created order. As sinners ourselves, we must never be arrogant toward others struggling with various sins and temptations–but must point them toward redemption and wholeness through the atoning work of our risen Savior, Jesus Christ, on the cross.

In our politically correct culture, Americans, specifically Christians, are faced with incredible pressure to accept homosexuality as normal. It is shocking to learn how a relatively small group of activists can misled the dominate media with emotional reasonings that defy sound logic, empirical scientific evidence and common sense.

In response to the tyrannical and tireless work of the homosexual lobby and activist judges who have thrust the issue of “gay marriage” on the American public, against our will, Americans are saying, “enough is enough.” Citizens in 17 states have now passed amendments defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Is it because the people in those 17 states “hate” homosexuals? Certainly not.

Residents of those states believe that homosexuality is unhealthy. And they are right. Homosexual behavior is medically, emotionally and spiritually unhealthy. There is no way that we, as a society can promote and protect in law, public policies that ignore the consequences of enacting those policies.

There is a reason why society no longer promotes smoking. Medical science has found that smoking can take ten or more years off a person’s life. Drugs, too, shorten one’s life, and society has outlawed its use and distribution. There is a move afoot to limit the amount of fat people eat, because it is known that too much fat is harmful. Yet none of these compare to the harmful effects of homosexual conduct. The practicing homosexual male can lose 25 years or more from their life expectancy.

Yet we are told by the dominate media and homosexual activists that we must not only tolerate their behavior, but accept, promote and protect in law, their lifestyle.

As Christian believers, our priority must be in speaking the Truth in love to our homosexual neighbors and in the public square. Scripture tells us at least two things regarding homosexuality:
1. It violates God’s created order.
2. It can, like all sin, be forgiven and overcome through repentance and faith in Christ.

While we do this, we must also work to protect the most vulnerable of society, the children.

Study after study shows beyond dispute that children grow up best in a loving, committed, normal two-parent heterosexual family. The most fundamental needs of millions of children have been ignored in the fanatical narcissism of the last 40 years. We cannot continue to subject our nation’s children to the selfishness of adults.

In the Netherlands, where homosexual so-called “marriages” have been legal for over 10 years, the average homosexual union lasted an average of 1.5 years. And within those “unions” participants acknowledged an average of 8 “extra marital” escapades per year! In their own literature and by their own spokesmen, homosexuals make it clear that they shun monogamy as impossible.

It is clear that we must make a special effort to STRENGTHEN traditional families, not undermine them even further. Divorce and single parent households have had disastrous affects on children, and as a result, society. Those who point to the failure rate of traditional marriages in an effort to somehow legitimize homosexual “marriage” fail to realize that they only advocate further damage. It is like someone saying, “you have headache? Well let’s amputate your head!”

Many Homosexuals claim that they are “born that way.” Well, we were all born selfish, self-centered and proud, and some say they were born inclined to alcohol and drug addiction. Does that make these things acceptable? Certainly not.

Homosexuality is behavior, just as alcoholism. And behavior can be changed. There are literally thousands of former homosexuals throughout America living healthy normal lives, just as there are thousands, if not millions of former alcoholics living without liquor.

Homosexuals do not need our anger, abuse or condescension. But they do need our prayers and help.


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