Undermining the Next Generation
Undermining the Next Generation
Written By Thomas Hampson   |   04.05.23
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Our sexualized culture not only is making children more vulnerable to sexual exploitation, it also is producing more child sexual predators. This should be no surprise to anyone.

Families can hardly watch prime time programs anymore without parents prescreening the shows. Routinely, nudity is tossed in for no other reason than to show someone’s bare backside, sex scenes have become normalized—gay and straight, even teens get in on the one night stand love affairs. Disney, too, has jumped on the sexuality bandwagon, promoting the LGBT ideological agenda. It is the rare show that model’s virtue, modesty, self-sacrifice, and restraint.

With or without parents, children are watching and being led astray by this modern programing.

Children are being dragged down the wrong path by our schools as well. The current iteration of sex ed programming is obscene and has been designed intentionally to encourage children to experiment with sexual activity, both same and opposite sex, to indoctrinate children to engage in leftist political activism, to teach children as early as 6th grade how to practice some of the most vile and unhealthy sexual activities such as “rimming,” and “anal sex,” and “fisting.” If you doubt this, look up the National Sex Ed Standards and the National Education Associations LGBTQ+ Caucus’ recommended teaching materials “Queering Sex Ed.”

School and public libraries have flooded their stacks with grossly obscene books written for and provided to children. Some teachers are assigning these books to their students as required reading, books like “This Book is Gay,” “Gender Queer,” “Crank,” “Fable” and hundreds of other such books. Why? The most comprehensive list of these books, with descriptions, I’ve seen, and the status of various challenges around the country, can be found here.

Anyone that handed these kinds of materials to your underage child outside of the classroom or outside of the library, could be prosecuted. But teachers and librarians in 43 states, including in Illinois, cannot be prosecuted because of an obscenity exemption for their professions. Efforts to repeal these exemptions have been met with furious opposition by the American Library Association and the powerful teachers’ unions. Obviously, these organizations know and approve of smut being pitched to our children under the guise of education.

School counselors provide no safe place for children these days either. The American School Counselors Association requires the counselors to be sold out to the LGBT+ agenda, and are required to “promote affirmation” of, and to celebrate, their lifestyles. What kind of counseling is that?

Here’s the problem. The majority of people who identify as LGBT self-report that they previously had experienced underage sexual abuse or some other form of sexual trauma. Why would you affirm or celebrate a lifestyle where there is a high probability that the lifestyle was adopted because of some kind of sexual trauma? Why wouldn’t a counselor explore how the child came to believe he was gay?

It’s not only the counselors who are promoting this lifestyle. The CDC is as well. Recently, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention allocated $85 million to provide grants for schools to establish student-led clubs that support LGBT children and teens. But they are not student-led clubs. Teacher advisors really run them, and they encourage their students to join. In addition to the teachers, other members of these clubs reach out to lonely, vulnerable children and encourage them to join the group. Once in, there have been countless documented cases where children have been recruited into a sexual lifestyle by more established, usually older or more mature members, using classic grooming techniques.

It’s no wonder that there has been a surge of peer pressure driven identification as LGBT, as the chart of a recent Gallup poll shows. These clubs are predators’ playgrounds.

It’s not just the LGBT clubs that are promoting predatory behavior. One element that children are being taught in sex ed is “consent.” The current sex ed programs teach students that this is the most important things about sexual activity. It makes no difference to these teachers that children cannot legally provide consent. Yet that concept is drilled into the heads of our children and there is enormous pressure to provide it. In combination with all the other topics taught in sex ed, and the sexualized content from the entertainment industry, and the pervasive pornography all over the internet, it is not hard to understand why children are becoming more vulnerable to exploitation.

Years ago David Finklehor, the head of the Crimes Against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire, developed a preconditions model for sexual abuse. Essentially, the barriers to abuse that inhibit the abuser, barriers that he must overcome are as follows.  First, the abuser must be motivated to abuse. Second, the abuser has to overcome his own internal inhibitions, such as his conscience. Third, the external inhibitors, such as criminal laws and public condemnation of the behavior, have to be mitigated in his own mind. Finally, victim resistance must be neutralized.

The cultural climate we have created, the content of the sex ed programs, and the encouragement for children to experiment with all manner of sexual activity strips away all of these barriers. If your teacher says its ok, why would you be inhibited? Why would he have any thought that external barriers even exist? Why would the victim resist? Or if they do resist, overcoming the objections is that much easier for the predator.

It might be time to get rid of the tv, to limit internet access, and to pull your children out of public schools.

Thomas Hampson
Thomas Hampson and his wife live in the suburbs of Chicago, have been married for 48 years, and have three grown children. Mr. Hampson is an Air Force veteran where he served as an Intelligence analyst in Western Europe. He also served as an Chief Investigator for the Illinois Legislative Investigating Commission and served on the Chicago Crime Commission as a board member. His work as an investigator prompted him to establish the Truth Alliance Foundation (TAF) and to dedicate the rest of his life to the protection of children. He hopes that the TAF will expand to facilitate the...
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