Co-Ed Restrooms – The Latest in the Culture War
Co-Ed Restrooms – The Latest in the Culture War
Written By David Curtin   |   03.07.23
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When the Equitable Restrooms bill was introduced in Springfield, a familiar pattern started to emerge. As IFI readers may know, HB 1286 legalizes “all-gender, multiple-occupancy restrooms” in sporting complexes, stadiums, entertainment centers, conference centers, and other big venues in Illinois. Yes, “all-gender” is just what it sounds like – males and females using the same multiple-occupancy restroom at the same time, anytime. There are urinals, stalls, and partitions in co-ed bathrooms.

So our first reaction at IFI was the same as yours and your neighbor’s. Don’t they know these restrooms will be places where rapes and crimes will occur? Don’t they know that at the very least women will lose their privacy when men are in these restrooms? Don’t they know that a 16-year-old girl who needs to use the restroom is vulnerable to men who will frequent these places with evil intentions? So why would we want to create all-gender bathrooms, especially since there have been crimes committed by more than a few men in women’s restrooms in recent years?

Those are all good questions. Unfortunately, those questions aren’t at the center of debate in Springfield — yet. Like I said at the beginning, a familiar pattern has emerged.

The first complaint by the sponsor and those on the left who support this bill is that HB 1286 doesn’t really do what people think it does. The bill only legalizes and permits, not mandates, these restrooms. Well, IFI readers know this. We wrote about it last month. But some people hearing about this for the first time wrongly thought the bill mandated the restrooms, so the far-left’s been painting the picture that ALL of us are mistaken. And they’re making that the central issue of the debate. If that sounds familiar, you’re right.

In the Garden of Eden, Satan asked, “Has God really said, ‘You shall not eat from any tree of the garden’?” Satan placed doubt in Eve’s mind that she might be completely mistaken.  That’s the left’s strategy as well – a lie leading to doubt. “All opponents think this bill requires these restrooms to be built. Therefore since it doesn’t, it’s okay to pass the bill.”

We know the bill just permits these restrooms… for the time being at least. But we also know they’re going to be dangerous and that’s why we’re opposed. The left then goes to the second tactic – temptation.

As Satan said, “Well, God knows if you ate of that fruit, your eyes would be opened and you would be like God.” Hmmm…..doesn’t sound that bad, almost tempting. So Eve takes the fruit and gives it to Adam and they sin.

The left once again draws attention away from the truth by saying, “The bill merely provides the framework on how to construct these restrooms. All we’re doing is making sure that if someone does construct these restrooms, they need to do it a certain way for safety reasons.” That might sound more reasonable, but it completely masks the question of ‘Why do we need to provide the framework in the first place?’  What they are trying to avoid is that all-gender multiple occupancy restrooms are currently illegal. And common sense tells us that they’re unsafe. And there’s no amount of framework that will make them safe.

So believe it or not, legislators are not yet publicly debating your privacy or safety in legalizing these restrooms; they’re merely talking about providing the framework for construction of these restrooms which will inevitably also provide the framework for crimes against women and girls.

Even California hasn’t done what Illinois is proposing. Why? It’s unsafe. The closest California has come is proposing a single-use “transgender bathroom” in every school. They would keep the boys and girls restrooms as they are.

Christians are called to love God and love one another. We defend God’s Word here on earth and simply repeat God’s loving reasons why we should not do this or that as it will harm God’s people. We also proclaim what God says would make things better for all people.  In the Capitol, that often means opposing others who feel they are doing the right thing in their own minds.  The hard part is taking all of the slings and arrows that come from intentional misrepresentations, lies, and deceit. And it’s no fun being mocked, ridiculed, and laughed at for standing up for Christian values in this culture war. History repeats this pattern over and over for us Christians. It’s the path Jesus endured to the point of death on a cross. Yes, carried out by those He created and came to save, no less.

But the fact that it’s no surprise allows us to recognize it for what it is and forge ahead with our playbook – which is Scripture – to love God and others, pray for those who persecute us, and to defend God’s Word here on earth. So please continue to do those things.

There are many reasonable, albeit timid, legislators who need you to help them stand up against these assaults on basic values. And please know that the witness slips you filled out on-line against HB 1286 really do witness to many in our Capitol against the lie that gender is chosen by people rather than by God. (“So God created mankind in his own image…male and female he created them” – Gen. 1:27 and “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart” – Jer. 1:5)

Finally, please know that your prayers are felt and invaluable to our cause. We at IFI appreciate them. I pray every day for the far-left – for their health and welfare and their coming closer to God. This is the same prayer I say for myself and my family. This is a spiritual battle, after all.  Do we have the votes to stop HB 1286? I don’t know. I do know this, though. We have a God Who has already won the victory over Satan, both in this world and the next. Which is why God never asks us to be successful. Rather, God only asks us to be faithful to Him – both in our private lives and public capacities.

Take ACTION: Click HERE to send a message to your local state representative to ask him/her to vote against this legislation when it comes up for a vote on the House floor sometime this session. Urge them to reject this foolish woke agenda that fails to recognize biological facts. Ask them to protect the privacy, dignity and safety of all Illinois citizens, especially women and girls.

Please, speak out against this destructive bill.

David Curtin
David Curtin is a longtime pro-life advocate, political consultant and recently became the IFI lobbyist. Originally from Stonington and a graduate of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, he lives and works in Springfield....
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