Division 44
Division 44
Written By Thomas Hampson   |   03.08.23

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The U.S. Center for Disease Control is sending out an LGBTQ inclusive self-assessment guide to all schools in the country. The agency wants to find out how committed schools are to providing a safe and inclusive environment for these students. The CDC’s school health division believes that when schools provide such an environment for gay and transgender students, it will improve the health and success of all students.

What makes them think this?

Obviously, someone at the CDC put in a lot of time and effort to developing the full color 32 page guide. But how does an organization whose mission is the control and prevention of diseases find the justification to create such a document? And why do they think they are qualified to deal with this issue? Do they consider homosexuality, transgenderism, queerness a disease?

Of course not. The disease they are attacking is our culture. This takes a little explanation to understand.

For years it has been known that members of the LGBTQ community suffer from mental illnesses at higher levels than heterosexuals. In fact, anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug dependence are problems that are 2.5 times greater among homosexuals and transgenders. Prior to 1973, being a homosexual was, itself, considered a mental illness. That changed when the American Psychiatric Association decided to remove homosexuality from the DSM-II, the bible for mental illness.

At the time, most of those who voted for this change did not believe that homosexuality was normal. Instead, because homosexuality was listed as a disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, homosexuals could be denied employment. This was not right, they thought. So the condition was removed as an illness.

Removing homosexuality from the manual did not change the frequency of mental illness experienced by the LGBTQ community, however. It was higher before 1973, and it was higher after 1973, right up to 2023.

Since 1973 there has been a continuing campaign to view homosexuality as a normal variant of human sexuality. That effort started to dramatically increase after 1985, when Division 44 of the American Psychological Association was established. Division 44, also known as the Society for the Study of Lesbian and Gay Issues, is the APA’s subgroup focused on LGBTQ issues. Today, that group has 1,500 members spread across 50 states, the District of Columbia and eleven other countries. Most of the members are, themselves, LGBTQ.

From the beginning, Division 44, operating behind the scenes and largely in secret, worked to restructure the culture to be more affirming of the LGBTQ lifestyles. That started to ramp up significantly in 2004 when Judith Glassgold was president of that division. In the Fall, 2004 newsletter for the division, she published a portion of her remarks at the APA annual convention that past summer.

Glassgold endorsed what she called “Liberation Psychology.”

Liberation Psychology cannot be considered science, or even social science. It was the brainchild of Ignacio Martin-Baro, a Spanish born Jesuit priest. He also was a University of Chicago trained social psychologist who had been assigned by the Jesuits to El Salvador. In El Salvado he promoted liberation theology, which was Christian theology merged with promoting liberation of the oppressed.

Combining his radical theology with his expertise in social psychology (a discipline that views the source of many psychological problems as being directly caused by oppressive social norms) he came up with “Liberation Psychology.” Liberation Psychology combines elements of Marxism, feminism, liberation philosophy, liberation theology, critical psychology, critical theory, critical gender and critical race theories, critical pedagogy, as well as other ideological streams.

Essentially, it is more a religious cause than a scientific endeavor. It is a theory that, in practice, has no successes it can trumpet. And it is a theory that was built on a jumbled mass of speculation.

Glassgold writes: “Liberation psychology is necessary because we are oppressed . . .  Thus, understanding oppression is essential for understanding the psychological difficulties our community faces, for much of the behavior that ends up being termed ‘psychopathology’ is not simply an individual trait, but the outcome of social forces.” 

She proposed that the work of the profession is not merely to heal, but to reshape society.

For years after 1973, many psychologists and psychiatrists continued to work with homosexuals to help them conform to the social norm of heterosexuality. Some of the therapeutic efforts involved mostly talk therapy. But other approaches involved aversion therapies or other abusive types of treatments. The more abusive approaches have since been discredited for all change efforts, whether it was used to neutralize homosexual urges or to stop overeating, drug or alcohol abuse, or any other unwanted behavior.

Since 1985, Division 44 has been hard at work to discredit all efforts to convert homosexuals to heterosexuality, not only the aversion therapies. These psychologists claimed that children were born gay or born trans. For years they searched for and tried to prove there was a gay gene. But there is none. Now they insist homosexuality is inherent, a natural occurring identity on the sexual continuum.

Behind the “born that way” claim for homosexuality, there is an anti-science, blind refusal to seek understanding about how a person becomes gay. When a child says “I’m gay” or I’m lesbian” or I’m trans” we must accept it without question. It makes no difference that more than half of the LGBTQ community self-report as having been sexually abused or having experienced some other sexual trauma. Anyone who dares to explore the origins of a child’s declared homosexuality is branded a heartless homophobe. Of course, this has allowed countless predators who abused many of them to get away scot-free.

Division 44 demands that every segment of society conform to their view that LGBTQ is normal and should be affirmed by everyone. This effort started in their own professions by forcing changes in the ethical standards for psychologists, social workers and other helping professions. It has become unethical for therapists to question a person’s gender identity. Several states have incorporated these standards into law, even if the person wants help to change.

Today we all are just supposed to accept and affirm a person’s self-proclaimed gender identity. In fact, the preferred response is to celebrate the person’s gender identity.

This philosophy has been pushed into every element of our culture—media, entertainment, sports, education, government, churches, everywhere. Almost every school has a GSA (originally Gay Straight Alliance, now Gender and Sexualities Alliance) or GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) clubs. Originally sold as an antidote to bullying, these clubs work within the schools to normalize homosexual and transgender identities. The claim was that it was only gay students who were being bullied. Which is preposterous on its face.

Now the effort is taking the next step. The activists are working to normalize the sexual activities of the homosexual community even among children. Through the GSA’s and GLSEN, the students themselves are demanding LGBTQ focused sex ed which includes instruction on how to engage in all manner of same sex sexual activities, unisex locker rooms, trans girls on girls sports teams, puberty blockers, transgender hormones and surgeries.

Through guile, manipulation, infiltration, threats, demands, cancellations, demonstrations, lies, Division 44 and its minions have bludgeoned almost the whole of society to conform to the false narrative it has created: children are born gay and we must all affirm and celebrate them. Society must conform. It is the only path to improved mental health for the LGBTQ community. Division 44 started off by focusing on adult homosexuals, but in the last 20 years, they have turned their focus toward children.

So this is the cause that the CDC now has taken up. Indoctrinate children and change the culture in a single generation. When the change has been accomplished, the increased mental illnesses experienced by the LGBTQ community will vanish. When everyone accepts varying and constantly changing sexual identities as normal, an infinite number of self-determined pronouns as the standard, the ever increasing number of gender identities, there will be no differences in the prevalence of mental illness experienced whether gay or straight. So they say.

To the CDC, as with Division 44, the culture we have forged in the United States, a culture that serves as a beacon of freedom to the world, a culture that produced the greatest generation, that created the greatest nation in the history of the world . . . that culture, that culture is the disease the CDC is out to cure.

This is happening before our eyes.

Thomas Hampson
Thomas Hampson and his wife live in the suburbs of Chicago, have been married for 48 years, and have three grown children. Mr. Hampson is an Air Force veteran where he served as an Intelligence analyst in Western Europe. He also served as an Chief Investigator for the Illinois Legislative Investigating Commission and served on the Chicago Crime Commission as a board member. His work as an investigator prompted him to establish the Truth Alliance Foundation (TAF) and to dedicate the rest of his life to the protection of children. He hopes that the TAF will expand to facilitate the...
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