Federal Family-Planning Program to Prioritize Faith-Based Clinics
Federal Family-Planning Program to Prioritize Faith-Based Clinics
Written By Charlie Butts   |   03.03.18

The United States Department of Health and Human Services has issued a policy regarding allocation of $260 million for the Title X family planning program.

Americans United for Life attorney Deanna Wallace told OneNewsNow that the federal program is designed to provide for women what many existing organizations do not do.

“It emphasized not only the department’s focus on funding programs dealing with a broad range of life-affirming planning – such as preconception care, natural family planning and fertility care – but they also make it clear that none of that funding would be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning,” Wallace informed.

OneNewsNow has previously reported that Planned Parenthood services and the number of their clients have been dropping every year for some time – and their clinics reach a limited number of people … compared to the need.

“Planned Parenthood doesn’t offer prenatal care, they don’t offer infertility care, [and] they don’t offer well[ness] woman visits for the vast majority of Americans, so we think this funding should be rerouted to those comprehensive centers that can actually offer woman a lot more,” Wallace insisted.

The all-encompassing centers to which Wallace refers would essentially be the many thousands of local, federally qualified health clinics – ones that could provide vastly more efficient and varied assistance that Planned Parenthood does not offer women.

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This article was originally published at OneNewsNow.com

Charlie Butts
Charlie is a reporter with American Family Association’s OneNewsNow.com.  He has been a newsman for some 40 years.  From his humble beginnings at KWHP in Edmund, Oklahoma — where the studio was in the station owner’s garage and the transmitter was in the bedroom — Charlie’s career has ranged from local to network news.  He was News Director at the award-winning and legendary station, KFJZ AM in Fort Worth.  He also anchored newscasts at The Texas State Network.  ...
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