ERA Is Back From The Dead, Again!
ERA Is Back From The Dead, Again!

Written by Victoria Cobb

It’s back!  The decades-old Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) has been brought back from the dead — again.

As a refresher, the ERA was passed by Congress in 1972 with a deadline of getting 38 states to ratify it by 1979.  It fell short of that deadline, so Congress extended it to 1982. However, the ERA still fell short of the necessary number of states needed for ratification.  In fact, some states rescinded their original ratification after recognizing that this was not just about elevating the status of women in society as it purports, but that it was also about putting into the U.S. Constitution the right to an abortion. Fast forward about fifty years and liberals have latched on to this “Trojan horse” as a way to push their entire abortion agenda, as well as their radical LGBT agenda.

If all “sexes” are equal, and our society no longer has a shared definition of sex, biological men who believe they are another sex must be treated and validated in the same fashion as biological women.  This new viewpoint of sex actually ensures the undermining of the original stated goals of the ERA.  If men can play within women’s sports, Title IX need not exist because biological girls must compete on identical grounds as biological males in all areas including sports, negating the very programs that were expressly put into place to provide opportunities for girls.

But now the U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill, H.J.R. 17, that would strip the ERA of its original deadline. This bill is now heading to the U.S. Senate. Should it pass, states that made a decision about the intents and purposes of language fifty years ago will be held to that decision, regardless of changes within the elected leaders of the state and our society as a whole.

Take ACTION: Please contact your U.S. Senator today and ask them to vote “no.”

Richard J. Durbin
(202) 224-2152
Tammy Duckworth
(202) 224-2854

This article was originally published at the Family Foundation blog.

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