Christianity and Science: Are They Compatible?
Christianity and Science: Are They Compatible?
Written By Kenna Rose   |   10.30.23
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One of the main arguments against Christianity has existed in our modern society for longer than a century. It’s a major talking point debated by some of the smartest minds in this world. Some have dedicated their lives to proving this argument, and others to disproving it.

It’s entirely relevant, certainly relatable, and based on something that controls much of the movement and forward progress of societies, cultures, and nations.

The argument is this: Christianity is not compatible with science, rather it is fundamentally antagonistic.

Because Christians believe in God and His sovereignty, we, by our very nature, contribute to the obstruction of progress. This argument can be effective, as it appeals to the human desire to “fit in,” to be regarded as smart by our peers, and to find worth or value.

This argument is also not true.

The world faces a myriad of problems today, and many of them have to do with “science,” or statements made in the name of science.

Think of transgenderism and the push for gay “marriage,” abortion, and the climate change narrative. Think of everything that happened in 2020 with the COVID pandemic, as well as the COVID vaccine propaganda.

The processes the scientific world is supposed to observe to…well, do science, have been neglected, trampled on, and twisted to push agendas rather than truth.

How did we get here? And how do we get out? These are the questions Dr. Zumhagen, a family practitioner, and founder of the Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Center, sought to answer in his talk at the Trinity Health Freedom Expo.

He started by laying out a brief history of science, beginning in the 1400s and landing squarely in modern times.

Many early scientists were Christians, or at least had a general understanding of the God of the Bible, and did their work out of a desire to understand God’s creation better. Knowing that God was a God of order, intelligence, and creativity and that we were made in His image, they assumed the world had to work a certain way and that they just needed to discover it.

But as the focus shifted away from discovering God’s creation and more toward the greatness of humanity, science began to falter. That’s how we got things like Darwin’s The Origin of Species and the search for a way to explain the complexity of this wonderful world without God.

Dr. Zumhagen also touched on the theory of evolution, explaining why this significant hallmark of secular science doesn’t work as well as people are taught in schools. He stated that it fails to answer three crucial questions about life, living, and how the world works:

How was the universe started? How did life begin? And how did consciousness begin?

His conclusion proposes that the only way to “get out” of the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into is by firmly resubmitting science to God because when we try to operate from a worldview that neglects Him, there’s no basis for morality.

Life and this planet are so incredibly complex and so amazingly specific that there has to be intelligent design behind it all.

Dr. Zumhagen’s fascinating talk will certainly get the wheels in your brain turning.

Watch it here:

Kenna Rose
Kenna Rose is a Christian and a biblically conservative speaker and writer. She sincerely cares about worldview issues and wants to discuss them from a biblical perspective. Kenna Rose co-hosts the podcast Self-Evident in order to speak truths that were once self evident and do so in love. She also writes articles and produces videos for Illinois Family Institute. Kenna Rose is a homeschool graduate who loves the magic reading and writing can produce. She’s under the opinion that storytelling is a powerful force and to that end runs to help Christians be discerning in what they read. She...
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