Call to Prayer for Brett Kavanagh and Donald Trump
Call to Prayer for Brett Kavanagh and Donald Trump

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Spiritual Weapons and Tactics

Written by Pastor Myles Holmes

This call-to-prayer is in response to an event taking place on Saturday in New York, when witches claim they will place hexes and curses on President Donald Trump and U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. They are selling tickets for $10 to attend this event. Twenty five percent of the proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

Christians should respond to this malicious event in prayer! Please join us as we petition God Almighty through Jesus Christ for His protection and rich blessing for Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump, Mike Pence and other national and state political leaders:

Heavenly Father, You are the God of Creation and the God of history. You are the God of time and the God of Eternity. You are the God of the right here – right now!

We boldly approach Your Throne of Grace knowing that You hear our prayer.

You see the hatred of the enemy toward righteousness. You see those who give themselves to darkness to celebrate evil and perversion. You see the wickedness of a generation rebelling against Your Presence and Your Word and Your Law. You see those who call upon evil spirits, demons and fallen angels to thwart Your purposes and hinder the coming of Your Kingdom and Your Will being done.

But at this moment we thank and praise and worship Your Holy Name, so grateful that You have given Your Bride, Your Church, the privilege to intercede, pray, and repent on behalf of our nation. We are also aware of the responsibility you have anointed us with to prophesy the grace and glory of God into our land.

We come not in fear but in faith.

We respond not in paranoia but in power.

We live with no pathetic limitations, but in the power of limitless love.

We sense zero intimidation, but we are aware of our Resurrection Life.

We fight and wrestle not with people or personalities, but we wage war with principalities and powers!

Oh GOD, the weapons of our warfare are not fleshly or human, they are mighty in Your Name for pulling down strongholds.

No weapon formed against us can prosper.

We gather in prayer and intercession not in our own name, not in our own identity, but in the Name that is above every other name, the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.

We speak in the authority of Your written Word!

We pray, covered by the Blood Jesus shed on the Cross.

We prophesy out of the identity we have received because of the Power of the Empty Tomb.

We speak confusion to their curses and cause.

We announce anathema to their agenda.

We declare mayhem to their mission.

We pronounce chaos to their concoctions.

We decree failure to their formulas.

We pray in the Name of Jesus that these witches and covens of warlocks will be astounded and amazed by the brilliance and the glory of the manifested Presence of God! We speak repentance and conviction to these rebellious hearts. We speak brokenness in the place of hardness. We speak the warmth of your love to embrace cold hearts. We ask that wounding and hurt and pain and shame in their lives would be met by the mercy and grace and love of Jesus. We ask that anger and violence and hatred will be overwhelmed by the loving presence of the Holy Spirit.

Almighty God, just as you met Saul in his hardness of heart and rebellion and determination to wipe out the people of God,  in your mercy, in your grace, we ask you to pour out Your Spirit of repentance and conviction upon these witches and draw them to your grace and mercy Show them your miraculous healing grace and demonstrate to them Your power and Your glory.

Silence their curses by filling their mouth with praise.

Blot out their hexes by filling their lips with worship.

Stop their poison and profanity and blasphemy by filling their lives with conviction for sin and adoration for the Savior.

You turned Saul the persecutor into Paul the preacher.

We ask You in the power of Your grace and glory to turn these wicked witches into worshipful warriors of the Cross!

Heavenly Father, we ask that You grant Your church boldness to stand for the Name of Jesus, courage to speak up for truth and morality, and prophetic clarity to lead; to be the head and not the tail!

Lord Jesus, fill Your Bride with a passion for holiness and consecrated living.

Remove far from our hearts any spirit of judgment, condemnation or self-righteousness, let us live in the light of eternity, the glorious hope of salvation with a heavy burden for the lost and the hopeless.

Bless President Donald Trump with an increasing sense of discernment, wisdom and discretion. May Your Word become his anchor and Your Presence his strength.

Bless Vice President Mike Pence and the entire cabinet and their families.

Lord, we ask you to protect Associate Justice Brett Kavanagh, his wife and daughters from any plan of the enemy to discourage, destroy, defeat or diminish.

We pray all of this in the Name at which every knee shall bow, the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.”

Please continue to pray for our state and nation in the days ahead of the next election. (1 Timothy 2:1-2)

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