Abortion Pills Being Sold Online
By Wendy Wilson   |   11.27.18
Abortion pills are becoming more common among women seeking to abort their offspring, and the availability of these pills online is growing, allowing women to avoid going to an abortion clinic entirely. Numerous news outlets have reported on the efforts...
Barna Research Finds Many Americans Still Read Bible, But What Are They Learning?
By Wendy Wilson   |   08.23.18
Nearly half of Americans continue to be “Bible users,” according to the State of the Bible 2018 report published by Barna research in July in partnership with the American Bible Society. The Barna Group defines “Bible users” as “individuals who...
Pew Research Reveals Stark Differences On Abortion Among Religious Groups
By Wendy Wilson   |   07.17.18
A majority of Americans including many mainline Christians support legal abortion, but many religious conservatives say abortion should be illegal in all or most cases, according to the Pew Research Center. Those religious conservatives are now hoping that Roe v....
Wendy Wilson
Wendy Wilson

Wendy Wilson is a teacher and writer in Nashville, Tennessee. A Michigan native, she earned a bachelor’s degree at Valparaiso University in Indiana and a master’s degree at Union University in Tennessee. She is a former newspaper reporter who as a freelancer writes about family issues, religion, education, and immigration.

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